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Cox Guide Not Working

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Cox Cable Guide Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

While Cox offers many great services, including Internet and landline phone, their HD Cable TV service remains their most valuable possession. Cox is most well-known for its Premium Cable TV subscription. All the subscribers they have managed to obtain are mostly with them as they want the best Cable TV service possible.

This makes it very popular, and they offer great services to improve your experience. Cable Guide is one example of such a service. If it doesn’t work for you, this is how to fix it.

Cox Cable Guide Does Not Work

1 Remote Issues

Most times, the problem is not in the Cox Cable Guide. Rather, it is your remote that isn’t working correctly and you cannot access your Cox Cable Guide. If you suspect that there is a remote problem, the first thing you should do is verify it. You will be unable to use the remote’s menu or other buttons if there is a problem.

2 Check the batteries

The batteries are the most important part of the remote’s operation. You should replace them regularly to make sure it is still working properly. It is a good idea to change the batteries once in a while. Then, restart the Set-top Box. This will assist you in solving the problem quickly and you’ll be able access the Cox Cable Guide button from your remote with no problems.

3) Repair the remote

Sometimes, a remote can have issues or malfunctions that cause it not to work properly. If you have already checked the batteries and verified that they are in good condition, you can try to re-paint the remote with your set top box. This will help you fix the problem quickly and without any problems.

Cable box issues

You might also face cable box problems that need to be addressed. You will need to follow these steps.

4) Restart

The Set-top box will need to be restarted once more. This will allow you to resolve the problem permanently. The problem will be fixed by rebooting all of the software and hardware components.

5) Get Support

If it is not possible to resolve the issue, contact the support department. They will be able solve the problem for you. They will confirm when they will fix any temporary issues.

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