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Cox Internet Keeps Cutting Out (Causes and Fixes)

by stacy

The number of COX internet subscribers has been steadily increasing over the years. With the high speed internet available through COX, customers can surf seamlessly thanks to Gigablast and other services. However, COX’s services are not always perfect.

Your internet service may be slowing down and you do not know why. Keep reading to find out the possible causes of internet drops and how to fix them.

Find the root cause of the problem

Inspect your devices and connections before you resort to extreme measures such as contacting customer service or replacing equipment.

To avoid making unnecessary adjustments, it is important to find the root cause of the problem. Constant disconnection can be caused by various devices and cables between your device (the one you’re using to browse the internet) and your ISP’s end.

You can then narrow your search by:

  • Try a different browser and web page. You can rule out broken links by visiting other websites.
  • Try other devices. You can verify that the issue is not related to your device by connecting it to other devices. If the internet is working, it could be your device.
  • Try other connections. Check if your wireless connection is working. If it does, the problem is unlikely to be on your ISP’s end – it’s probably inside your home.
  • Do a speed testYou should, especially if you have a combo router/modem. Speed tests can be done while your router is connected to the modem. Another speed test can be performed when the modem connects directly to the router. It will be easier to identify potential culprits once you have compared the speeds.
  •  Also, remember to run a speed test when connected via Wi-Fi. Instabilities can cause constant connections or disconnections due to weak signals.

These fixes can be used if you have not yet found the root cause of the problem.

Verify Your Cables

It is difficult to see any wear or damage because cables are almost always hidden from view. It is also difficult to see cables that are not connected to devices through ports at the back.

You must therefore ensure that your cables and conductors are of high quality. regular cable maintenance.

You should inspect the quality and condition of cables that were installed in your recent relocation.

Many houses still have wires running through their walls from decades past. This could be the reason, especially since the internet is dropping constantly.

While you’re at it, make sure that the cables connecting to your router and modem (if any) are in good condition. Strongly connected. This includes StromkabelConnectors from the power outlets to the various devices

Inspect all cables to ensure they are free from any kinks. Damage signsOr wearing out. If the problem is affecting you and your immediate neighbors’ chances are there is a problem with the You can get wires from outside your house.

A COX technician should be scheduled to visit your home and check the connection from the cable masts.

Consider replacing the cables if the problem persists. Cat 5E (CAT5E), cablesOr higher

If there is a cable splitterIt could be at any point in your cable that you are experiencing a signal amplifier, causing your COX internet not to work. You can remove the splitter and connect your devices. This is a popular solution for many Cox users.

Make sure that all ports are in good working order.

Firmware malfunction

Sometimes, the constant drop could be caused by a malfunctioning firmware.

Consider restarting your devices if the cable is working and there is no outage.

Rebooting Panoramic Gateway

To restart your Cox Panoramic Gateway

  • Take the Gateway out of the power outlet and leave it to unplug for at least 30 second.
  • Connect the power cord to the outlet again and turn it on.
  • The Gateway may take up to 10 seconds to restart.
  • Be sure to Remove the batteryIf your Gateway is equipped with one.

You can also use the Cox app to access your data Cox ID Password.

To restart the app

  • Log in to the app using your credentials.
  • Click the My ServicesSelect the tab from the homepage. Gateway You can find the device list.
  • Next, tap Restart Your Gateway.
  • You will know the restart happens if the message “We’re restarting your modem” The screen appears.
  • Wait for the reboot to finish and then reconnect.

Restart Your Gateway

A power cycle can be used to fix temporary software problems and return you to normal browsing.

If that fails, you can reset your Gateway settings to reverse any settings updates that may have been the cause of the problem.

Resetting the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway

To reset To reset the Panoramic Wi Fi gateway, you will need a pin or a needle. You can easily identify the reset button because it is not exposed to accidental presses.

Resetting your device should only be attempted after all other attempts have failed. This is because a reset will delete all files and restore default settings.

Look out for service outages

Speed tests that show extremely low speeds, particularly from the Cox Gateway could indicate a service interruption.

To determine if Cox is experiencing an outage, you can use the online Down detector tool.

You can also sign up for service outage notification via Cox. These notifications will inform you about how long it might take for the outage to last, and if it has been resolved.

Once you are registered for SMS Outage Notifications, you can access them. Request updatesBy texting UPDATE: 269898

You can also check your service outages by logging onto My Cox account, and then going to the Overview of My Account menu.

Click here My EquipmentIf there is an outage it will be indicated at the top.

Service Outages

Outdated software or incompatible equipment

Cox customer service will often recommend that you get the Cox Panoramic WiFi gateway. As most routers and modems are out of date and cannot support the latest features, it is best to listen to this advice.

Some router models include the ability to transmit data via Bluetooth. Intel Puma 6 chipsetDefective chipsets have been reported. The chipsets can be prone to latency spikes, which can lead to slow loading pages or streaming speeds.

A class action lawsuit is available for affected users. Avoid modems such as the Arris SB6190 which may be affected.

Intel Puma 7 modems have also been affected by the Intel chipset issue. You can identify these modems by looking at the Intel logo printed on the packaging.

Cox-certified modems can be purchased, but make sure they don’t have the Intel Puma chipet.

Contact Cox to request a Gateway upgrade. This will allow you to have the most up-to-date equipment, which in turn will reduce internet cut out problems.

Cox encourages all subscribers to have gateways with these features regardless of what internet plan they have:

  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6
  • Dual-band 802.11-AC Wi-Fi
  • DOCSIS 3.1

You should also ensure that the firmware on your Gateway is up-to-date. Incompatibility problems with different operating systems can lead to network instability and cause your network to fluctuate.

Signal Interference

Signal interference may occur when you use Wi-Fi to access Cox internet.

Wi-Fi signals operate in the same frequency range as other in-home devices. Therefore, ensure devices like Baby monitors and codeless phones microwavesYou are far from the Gateway

If you have a problem with a wireless connection and it persists, move closer to the Gateway/router. You can also reduce the distance between yourself and the wireless network source.

To limit interference between your devices, you should also prefer the 5GHz wireless band.

Bandwidth Strain

A strain can be caused by an overload of the bandwidth.

This can be quickly solved by disconnecting devices that are not connected to the network.

You can also change your Wi-Fi password to limit how many devices are connected to the network.

Upgrade your internet package if you have a household that is heavily dependent on the internet. This will ensure that everyone has enough bandwidth.


You can also visit the Cox forum to discuss similar issues. Cox cannot offer support for third-party gateway users so you might consider signing up to the Cox Complete Care package. This will allow you to have a COX technician check your routers whenever you have connectivity issues.

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