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Create Email Group in Gmail

by stacy

How to Create a Group in Gmail

My mom was a master at creating email groups. This was the one thing I couldn’t figure out growing up. Even more amazing is the fact that I used to send email blasts to friends all the time but never asked my mom how to create an email group. I would manually add my friends’ email addresses to the recipient’s box.

Oh my God, I was such a rebel.

We’ve got your back if you have gotten past your teenage angst. Our five-step guide to creating a Gmail group.

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How to create a group in Gmail

  1. Google Contacts
  2. Click on “Contacts”, or “Frequently contacted”, to go to the directory.
  3. Choose the contacts that you would like to be included in your group.
  4. Click the “Label” button and then press “Create Label”.
  5. To send an email, name your label and enter the recipient box.

1. Google Contacts

Google Contacts can be found in the middle row of your Google Apps Tab.

2. Click on “Contacts”, “Frequently Contacted”, or “Directory”.

Google Contacts won’t likely save your contacts, but you can still access the email addresses of people who you interact with frequently by clicking “Frequently Contacted” or all employees by clicking the “Directory” link in the left-hand sidebar.

3. Choose the contacts that you wish to include in your group.

4. Select the “Label” icon, then press “Create Label”.

5. To send an email to your group, name your label and enter your group’s name into the recipient’s box.

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