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Create Email Template in Outlook

by stacy

How to create an email template in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows users to send and get emails from their mobile devices using email software. Microsoft Outlook can be purchased as part of the Microsoft Office package. You can also purchase it separately.

Email templates can be used to send messages with information that doesn’t change from one message to the next. A template is a way to save and reuse a message. You can add new information before an email template is sent.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an Outlook email template.

How to make an Outlook email template:

Step 1 – Login to Outlook.com.

Step 2 Next, select Home and then choose New Email.

Step 3: Enter the content you wish to include in the message body.

Step 4 Next, in the message window click on File and then save as.

Step 5: To save as, select Outlook Template from the Save as Type list.

Step 6 Next, enter a name for the template in the File Name box and click on Save.

Note: To create an email message using a Keyboard shortcut, press CTRL+SHIFT+M.

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