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Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack (Ways to Hack Cricket Mobile Hotspot)

by stacy

Cricket Wireless is a leading provider of mobile network services. It is a network provider, but it also acts as a mobile virtual network operator. The company does not have its own infrastructure and instead purchases usage rights from other providers. 

Cricket Wireless offers prepaid plans that are affordable and flexible for its customers. You can even add up to six devices simultaneously using the tethering option. It is therefore possible to Use the hotspotTo access the internet, you will require a cellular connection. 

How does the Hotspot in Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot work?

A mobile hotspot allows you to Access the internet via cellular data.. The Internet connectionYou can connect wirelessly or physically using a USB cable. Multiple devices can be connected to the network simultaneously to create a wireless local area network (LAN).

Cricket Wireless has created different data plans for hotspots. It supports connections up to 4G. 5GThere are many speeds available on networks, depending on where you connect. The network speeds can vary from 30 Mbps to 50Mbps for 4G to 1000 Mbps in 5G. 

This is why the Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot featureIt is necessary to have an eligible telephone and a qualifying rate plan. Only a few are eligible Choose from these phone brandsCompatibility with the network company 

The unlimited data plans can provide up to 15GB of storage at a reasonable price. Although the data plans are unlimited they do have data limitations. Therefore, data plans are limited in terms of how much you can use per day.

The data speed drops once you reach the data limit. Mobile Hotspot data offers are not recommended for high volume users. Use of the internetAt home 

There is a new way to hack data plans. You will first need to download an app that modifies the settings database of your phone. This app will make it possible to modify the network settings of your phone. This app allows you to modify and install network settings without increasing your data limit..

After installing the app, you will see your data limit increase and will have more data. It is important to keep in mind that You can’t hack the hotspot while not having unlimited data

How to hack Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot

Cricket Wireless offers the Mobile Hotspot feature, as we’ve seen. Although it offers data savings and discounts, rates are still quite high. There are however, New ways to get more data and circumvent the data limit. The hack we’re about to explain works on both Android and Apple phones.

These steps will allow you to hack your unlimited data plan.

  • Make sure your current data plan has been paid for

Without access to your data plan, you cannot hack it. You can choose from unlimited data plans with different limits. The data limit is higher the more you pay.

  • The Setting Database Editor can be downloaded and installed

This application is available in both English and German Google PlayApple AppStore users. You can navigate to your destination easily once you have downloaded the app Network settingsBoth for Apple and Android phones.

You can access, manage, or even modify the network settings of your device using this application. You cannot hack into Mobile Hotspot without this application. 

Avoid making any changes to the app while you navigate it.

  • Go to “Tether Entitlement Check State” Option

After you have opened the app, scroll down until the end. Tether entitlement check state option. 

Tap the button to open a dialog box. Next, change the number from 0 to 1. Make sure to include the minus sign prior to the 1. You are done. Save your changes.

To move on to the next step, you can exit the app.

setting database editor

  • You can access your phone settings

Change your phone settings to make the changes through the setting editor. 

Go to your phone Settings. Next, visit the mobile networks option. Next, tap the option that reads Access point names. Click here Cricket option. 

mobile networks

After that, edit the access points to Cricket, A list of all available network options will appear on your screen.

You can also check out the Multimedia Messaging Service Center, (MMSC). You can also check out the Multimedia Messaging Service.MMS) proxy. 

Make sure both options are on the same website. aiowireless.com. Also, make sure that your MMS port is set to 80 

access point

  • Modify APN Type

To completely alter your default network settings, enter the hack codes after you have made the app changes. The APN is in its entirety. access point name. It is the name you give to your mobile device when it accesses mobile data. In the APN type section, enter the following: default, MMS,dun,supl.

APN Type

Exit the Settings app on your phone and go back to your phone’s main interface. The mobile hotspot should be working. If your phone is not working, restart it. 

Also, make sure to check your mobile network settings in order to confirm that Cricket Wireless is being used for you hotspot

The steps to hack the Cricket Wireless network hotspot are straightforward and time-saving. To prevent other network settings from being altered in your phone, make sure you do the right changes. These steps will ensure that you don’t worry about your data limit again.

Will you have to keep paying for your data plans

Yes. Your unlimited data plan will continue to be charged. To avoid being disconnected, make sure you pay your bills on time. After you have purchased your data plan, hacks will not be able to increase your data limit. 

Make sure Cricket Wireless is the primary provider of your network services on your device. This can be confirmed by opening your hotspot settings.

Can All Phones Connect to the Cricket Wireless Network?

The number of phones that can use Cricket Wireless is limited. These phones include both Apple phones and Android phones. There are 32 eligible devices currently from different brands. 

You will need to visit the Cricket Wireless stores to purchase eligible devices. You can also visit their website. websiteTo check if your device is eligible, visit stores and retailers. Cricket will provide a sim card with the data plans you choose for all supported phones. 


To have internet access and a wireless hotspot, you need a strong cellular network. Cricket Wireless provides the Mobile Hotspot feature to ensure a strong internet connection at your home.

Cricket Wireless offers data plans that are expensive despite its excellent coverage and network connectivity. While Cricket Wireless offers cheaper plans, they have poorer coverage and slower speeds than its competitors. But, you can hack your Cricket hotspot data limit to get more data.

The Settings Database Editor app is easy to download and install. You can use it to increase the data limit that your data plan has set. This guide will help you follow the steps.

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