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Better Together | Signeasy and Daylite

by stacy

In a crowded setting, it can be challenging to form meaningful and long-lasting connections with other people; but, those who have experienced the joy of meeting their future closest friends on a playground, future business partners at a conference, or future soulmates in a bar know the feeling. After meeting Daylite CRM in the big “room” that is SMB SaaS, we at Signeasy felt precisely the same way.

Despite the fact that we are located on opposite ends of that room, we hold the following core values in common:

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should use purpose-built software rather than streamlined versions of large systems.
The ability to “work from anywhere” presents new opportunities and challenges for small and medium-sized businesses to navigate, as well as for their vendors to handle.
It is essential to provide support to employees as they navigate the new personal issues that they are inevitably forced to face.
“Disruption” is something that can be done to other businesses, but NOT to the customers of those businesses.
Together, Daylite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and Signeasy’s mobile-first eSignature service will help make the lives of our clients, their workers, and their own customers just a little bit easier. This new cooperation is the result of these shared values.

Signeasy and Daylite have learned that they have even more in common with one another as they have grown to know one another. Signeasy and Daylite are both mobility partners of Apple, and each of them supports the most recent feature releases from Apple (such as iOS 14 and iPad OS 14). And throughout the epidemic, both businesses have done a substantial amount of introspection, which has led them to the realisation that the noticeable increase in demand for our solutions is due to the fact that they have the power to make working from anywhere simpler and more fun.

As a result, a successful combination was created…

Work from Anywhere and on Any Device (often abbreviated WFA/WFAD).
As is the case with every transformation, working from any location and using any device came with its fair share of obstacles, necessitating the establishment of reliable support networks:

Colleagues, let’s figure this out together with our vendors, and make sure your company has the tools it needs to make the required adjustments.
Partners coming together in response to the evolving requirements of customers
No matter what your current WFA/WFAD situation is, the support networks you’ve developed will be able to help lead you through the unusual times we currently find ourselves in.

Better Together
As partnerships progress, the depth and breadth of shared objectives and interests grows. As soon as we understood that the share functionality on iOS and iPadOS enabled the passing of documents between the two different solutions, we saw exactly how much more we were able to do for our clients. Together:

Within the Daylite CRM programme, signed papers and audit trails are immediately attached to any opportunities, persons, or enterprises that are entered.
There is room for all of the client information, papers, deal statuses, and next steps in one one location.
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Instantaneously, the status of a “deal” will change to that of a “project,” at which point duties will be immediately delegated to the suitable team or person.
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Do you want to see how Daylite works in practise? Explore Daylite with this guided tour!
Signeasy and Daylite have built out our integration in the spirit of assisting our mutual and respective clients. Both companies have committed to continuing to delve further into the integration for the sake of those customers.

Watch this quick demonstration film if you’re interested in learning more about the ways in which the integration might benefit your company:

This is just the beginning, by the way! Integrations of software develop into ecosystems in the same way as friendships evolve into circles, partnerships become businesses, and romantic relationships into families. Signeasy has discovered a CRM partner in Daylite, which will play a significant role in the SMB-centric integration ecosystem that we are continuously constructing day by day..

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