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Introducing Signeasy for Zoho CRM

by stacy

As we’ve mentioned before, paper work is an acknowledged hindrance to an organization’s operations, with its problems extending across all roles and departments inside the firm.

When it makes its most dreaded appearance, it is most likely during the sales cycle, just when a salesman is about to seal the transaction. In the normal scenario, a sales professional is responsible for obtaining the customer’s signature on the sales contract and agreement documents. As a result of using traditional ink-and-paper signatures, it can take several days (or even a week) to complete the transaction, and valuable time is lost in follow-up and logistical details. Not to mention that it is a time-consuming process for the customer.

“This has just substantially enhanced my conversion rate on getting clients to sign on in-the-moment sales,” says one of Signeasy’s sales professionals, who have reduced turnaround time by nearly 90 percent.

Furthermore, according to an Aberdeen Group research of 472 businesses, companies that employ eSignatures are 50 percent more likely to have increased client renewal rates and 18 percent more likely to have shortened sales cycles.
The previous several weeks have seen us spending time with the fine guys at Zoho, notably discussing their customer relationship management system (CRM). Over the course of several years, Zoho CRM has provided advanced sales management tools and features to millions of sales teams throughout the world. The ability to entirely focus on the customer life-cycle (lead generation – acquisition – conversion – retention – loyalty) provides organisations with the possibility to increase and exceed their revenue targets.

The task at hand was straightforward: assisting millions of Zoho CRM users in reducing time to revenue, delighting customers, and focusing on essential objectives by assisting them in getting rid of paperwork with Signeasy’s simple and fast electronic signature experience.
And now, we’re excited to unveil Signeasy for Zoho CRM, as well as our partnership with Zoho as they launch the Zoho Marketplace. The Signeasy for Zoho CRM extension is available as a free download for all Zoho CRM customers on the Zoho Marketplace.

Using Signeasy for Zoho, sales professionals can submit papers to customers for signing directly from their Zoho CRM, and they will have them back signed within minutes of sending them.

As a result, millions of Zoho CRM users will be able to take advantage of the Signeasy benefits, allowing them to close deals more quickly and concentrate on revenue generation while reducing the time required to get important sales contracts, agreements, and other documents signed by customers and other parties involved in the sales process. Take a look at the products and services we have to offer.

Sending a document for signing to a customer directly from Zoho CRM allows them to sign and email the finished documents from any device they have access to is simple.
Fill out and sign a document with relative ease.
You can either upload a new document or choose from among the current files linked with a contact.
Maintain a record of completed documents in the respective contact’s profile or in the Completed Documents area for easy access.
It works with all popular document types, including PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Pages, JPG, and PNG, among others.
We’ve put together a guide to assist you in getting up and running.

eSignature for Zoho CRM users has been a labour of passion for us as we handcrafted it with care and dedication.

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