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University Credentials

What are my university credentials

Your university credentials are the username/email address & password combination that allows secure access to many resources at the university as well as a variety of resources offered by the CU system. These services include email and the Web Login portal. VPN, wireless access are all examples.

How can I obtain my university credentials?

Because of their affiliation with the university, all faculty, staff, and students automatically receive university credentials. Other people affiliated with the university may request university credentials by completing the Sponsored User request form available at https://passport.ucdenver.edu.

Students who have indicated their intention to enroll and been given an email address can create their password. This step requires you to have your university ID number.

To begin using your university credentials, faculty, staff, and sponsored users must claim their account. This process is available at: https://myaccount.ucdenver.edu. Your Employee ID and Sponsored User number, along with other information about you will be required.

Tip – This can only be used once and cannot be used for a reset password. Please refer to the following section for how to reset your password.

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