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by stacy

How to Decline a Job Offer (With Email Examples)

Sometimes, a job offer doesn’t work out for you even though it was what you expected. You might be offered two jobs at once. Although it’s not always easy to decline a job offer, sometimes it is necessary. This article will provide guidelines for politely declining a job offer. We also offer sample emails that can be customized based on your particular situation.

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How to decline a job offer

These are the steps to take when you reject a job offer.

1. Do not procrastinate

Don’t hesitate to write to your employer once you have decided to decline the offer. It will be easier for the company to move faster if you let them know promptly.

2. Keep it simple and to-the-point

Be honest and direct in your message. Do not make too many compliments on the company or people with whom you have interacted. It is a rejection letter. Be respectful and don’t get emotional.

3. Say “thank you”

Thanks to the hiring manager. Keep your tone of gratitude high as you write the letter. This will let the hiring manager and recruiter know you are grateful for their efforts.

4. Give a reason, but don’t be specific

The reason you declined the offer may be that the company did not offer the compensation you are looking for. You might not have been able to work well with the hiring manager or you may not be excited about the company. These are valid reasons to decline an offer of employment, but you shouldn’t include them in your letter. You can simply state that you have accepted another job offer or that the job is not for you.

5. Offer to stay in touch

Consider offering to keep in touch with the hiring manager if you feel a warm connection but the job isn’t right for you. This information is not mandatory, but it might be helpful for some people to expand their professional networks.

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Example email for accepting another job

Here’s an example of how to write an email to decline a job offer after you have accepted another position. Email example to show why the job isn’t a good match

Although it is a good idea to give a reason for declining the job offer, it might not be necessary or appropriate. This second example will help you politely decline the job offer without providing any details.

Here are some tips to turn down job offers

Make sure that you make a thoughtful decision. There is almost no chance that you will be offered another job after you have turned down the job. Do not try to negotiate a better deal.

If the job is not right for you, don’t hesitate to decline the offer. It can be difficult to turn down a job offer. However, if done correctly, it will allow you to find the right job and maintain your professional network.

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