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by stacy

DePaul Blogs Instructions

  1. Visit https://blogs.depaul.edu/
  2. Click the button to visit an Individual blog register for a blog click here. Click here to visit the Departmental Blog. Apply Now.
  3. Log in with your blue key login credentials(username@depaul.edu password and email address. Some sites might still ask for your “username” portion.
  4. Choose your site Title. Notable: SIteTItle will usually be displayed in your site’s HeaderAlsoAs serve as the title of your open browser tab. You can change the title of your site at any time by clicking hereto to Dashboard > Settings > General.
  5. Click hereRegister SiteClick here
  6. Click on the site URL to view your site. Notification: If your site does not appear to have been created, this could be due to an error in the URL that you are trying to create. Below the error message, you will see a message indicating that something needs to be done.

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