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Dev Error 6068

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Here you can see “dev error 6068

How to fix Dev Error 668 in COD Warzone

There are many solutions to dev error 6068. Here is how to solve each one.

Make sure to update your system.

Dev error 6068 is likely to occur if you are using an older version Windows 10. First, make sure that the OS and game are up to date.

Update GPU drivers

Some players have updated graphics drivers to repair dev error 6068. These are the steps you need to take in order to update your GPU drivers.

Step 1 Navigate to your GPU drivers by opening the device manager. 

Step 2 Open the display adapters dropdown and click on ‘update driver’ to see the newest version.

Step 3 Select the ‘search automatically’ option and, if necessary, download the update and install it.

To repair corrupt game files, reinstall the game

Dev error 6068 can also occur due to corrupted, damaged or incomplete game files. Players will be asked to remove the sport and install Call of Duty: Warzone. Check to confirm that you have the latest version and check if it fixes dev error 6068. 

For third-party programs that may interfere with COD Warzone, check task manager.

Some Warzone gamers have had this issue after installing new software. Dev error 6068 can be fixed by first uninstalling the program.


Modify VideoMemoryScale option

Reddit user Luciddream suggested this method in a post to r/CODWarzone. It was used to fix stuttering issues with their Radeon RX5700 XT graphics cards. This has been used by some players to fix dev error 6068. 

Step 1 Participate in DocumentsCall Of Duty Warzoneplayers 

Step 2 Use Notepad to open adv_options.ini

Step 3 Find the road that says VideoMemoryScale, set it to 0.55 rather than 0.85 and save. 

Many subreddit members used this method to fix dev error 6068 related to COD Warzone.

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