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Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Work with CenturyLink? (Installation and Troubleshooting Guide)

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Lumen Technologies is one the most reliable providers of fiber internet services for homes. CenturyLink Lumen Technologies’ residential division provides Gigabit fiber for homes. They also offer different packages to suit customers.

CenturyLink provides routers to customers who install their internet service. However, Some clients prefer routers purchased from third parties. Or they have an existing fiber compatible router so don’t have to buy a new one.

This article will provide all the information you need. Google Nest Wi-Fi compatibility CenturyLink service. We’ll explain in detail what you need do to make Nest Wi-Fi compatible with CenturyLink. But first, let’s answer the most important question – Does Google Nest Wi-Fi work with CenturyLink?

Google Nest Wi Fi works with CenturyLink. However, since Google Nest does not support VLAN 201 tagging, you must purchase a VLAN 201 tagging capable router. Alternately, you could use CenturyLink’s modem, however that would result in a double NAT. A managed switch is the third option.

CenturyLink with Google Nest Wi-Fi – Why?

When getting CenturyLink fiber internet in your home, the technicians will install two pieces of equipment – ONT and a CenturyLink modem/router.

Fiber internet is complete without the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The ONT connects fiber optic cables to home ethernet devices. Routers don’t have the technology required to connect directly with fiber cables. They will need an ONT.

We are focusing on the CenturyLink router that comes along with your fiber internet connection. CenturyLink insists on the use of their connection services only with their router. The sophistication required to Connect Google Nest Wi FiCenturyLink suggests that they design their networking to discourage Use of third-party routers.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • There are no more rental fees

CenturyLink charges rental feesThey will exchange maintenance services for their routers. They will also offer router maintenance services if you use their router.

Although it may seem unfair to charge extra for service, you already paid for the connection. You can easily recover the cost of your router by using third-party routers that don’t require rental fees.

  • Network coverage is better

Google Nest Wi Fi points extend network coverage without affecting signal quality. The router and Nest points use technology to ensure that your internet speeds are at their maximum potential. This allows for a stronger connection.

  • Connect more devices

Google Nest Wi Fi points can connect to up 200 devices Therefore, the points expand CenturyLink’s devices threshold while maintaining good signal quality.

  • Advanced controls

Google is constantly improving its service. They offer timely updates for their app and routers, and they constantly add new control features.

With the Google Home appYou can control Wi-Fi from anywhere, and even create a guest network when necessary.

An AI that responds to voice commands is the google assistant. Nest Wi-Fi users will find it a great bonus as it automates basic tasks such as setting reminders or playing music.

How to set-up Google Nest WiFi with CenturyLink

You can find out more about Your Google Nest is now upCenturyLink does not require you to pay rent fees or retain the router. You can install Nest Wi-Fi using CenturyLink by simply purchasing a switch with VLAN 201 tagging capability. 

It is an excellent choice to choose the TP-Link TL-SG105EI will use this for the procedure. These are the steps

TP-Link TL-SG105E

  • Link the Switch to ONT

Connect the LAN cable from your CenturyLink modem to the Wi-Fi smart. Change. Connect your computer to the switch with an Ethernet cable.

  • Modify the switch settings

The next step is to log in to your smart switch’s management page using the address your browser (different switches might have different default IP addresses). 

Use “admin” as the password and username. Next, click the button to the left. VLAN>802.1Q VLANAnd then “Enable 802.1Q VLAN Configuration” Click on Apply.

Enter “201” into the VLAN ID box, and name it fiber. Check the “Tagged” radio button For port 1, only, leave the rest unchecked and click on modify.

802.1Q VLAN

Next, go to 802.1Q PVID, tick ports 1 and 2., enter “201” in the PVID box Click here apply. 

ports 1 and 2

Finally, plug the Ethernet cable from your ONT box into Port 1Switch on the Google Nest Wi-Fi and connect it into port 2. Click Save Config Click on the button to save your settings.

You can then use the Google Home app to create a wireless connection. Your Nest Wi-Fi should now be connected to the century internet. 

Setup Google Nest Wi-Fi

Alternativ: Use the CenturyLink Gateway

It is possible to combine the CenturyLink gateway and Google Nest. But you will encounter many connectivity problems. The combination presents many problems and neither CenturyLink nor Google are willing to provide a solution.

The following steps can be useful if you are still interested in trying the combination.

  • Log into the network management webpage via and use “admin” as password and username.
  • Go to advanced setup>WAN settings Note down your PPP username. It should end with @centurylink.net. The PPP password is also required. If you don’t know it, contact CenturyLink customer support.
  • Select the appropriate option for your WAN settings Protocol for ISP From the drop-down list.
  • Then go to Transparent Bridging>VLAN Settings Select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. Posted by 201
  • Keep your changes safe.
  • Connect the Google Nest Wi-Fi, and activate it with the prompts from the Google Home app. The ethernet cables should connect from the CenturyLink gateway’s LAN port, to the WAN port of Google nest Wi-Fi.
  • When the pop-up displays, enter the username and password for PPP to set up Google Nest through the app.
  • If you receive an error message, please use @qwest.net Use the PPP username instead @centurylink.net.
  • Set your Nest Wi-Fi password, USSID and continue to configure it.

If you are able to use the format, this setup could result in a double NAT. 

A CenturyLink router and Google Nest router both trying to access the same IP will cause confusion and a significant signal loss. 

How to Avoid Double-NAT When Setting Up Google Nest Wi Fi with a Gateway


There may be some connectivity issues with your new setup. Some users have reported that they were able to solve the problem. Resetting Google Nest Wi-Fi Points.

You might also consider moving the ports on your smart switch that connect to the ONT or the Nest router.

An Ethernet cable can be used to connect the Wi-Fi points and the Google Router. This will provide a stronger connection. You can also use a wired connection if you don’t require a wireless connection to avoid any connection issues.

What are the downsides to using Nest with CenturyLink

Since CenturyLink does not support equipment combination. It is difficult to find solutions to connection issues. You will be redirected to the customer service department of each company, where you will find endless blame-shifting from the other side.

Users may experience problems connecting to the internet after updating their google Nest Wi Fi firmware. Google has no working solution.

Combining Google Nest with CenturyLink can result in significant speed loss. They can both be gigabit-capable and may experience lag when they are combined.


You decide if you’re willing to endure the hustle. Google Nest Wi Fi – LinkCenturyLink. This process will require you to have a larger budget, but it still provides mediocre speeds for some customers. 

VLAN tagging capabilities should be considered as well Mesh systemsInstead of google Nest WiFi.

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