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Does Google Nest Work with HomeKit? (Installation Guide)

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Many technologies are constantly being developed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of daily life. Many technology companies are creating new inventions to make life easier due to high demand. Smart homes are now the preferred option for many tech-lovers around the globe.

Google is one of the largest companies in smart home market. Google Nest devices. Apps are often required to control and manage smart homes and devices. While different brands may have different systems or use different apps for controlling them, it is possible to control all of them using one application.

Google Nest works with HomeKit

Google Nest devices will work well with Apple HomeKit even though they were made by two different companies. Unfortunately, Nest won’t integrate with Apple Home Kit automatically – you’re going to need the HomeBridge HubThat connects via Wi-Fi. HomeBridge is a hub that integrates the HomeKit and Google Nest home systems devices.

What is HomeKit?

The Apple HomeKitThis software framework is designed to allow smart home appliances to communicate and be controlled. It’s more than an app, as developers can easily modify the standard functionality to add specific instructions to an application.

HomeKit is a tool that allows you to create complicated applications for Apple products. This will allow you to control multiple accessories in your home. Automated actions can be enabled through Siri or Google Home app voice commands.

Apple HomeKit will only work with Apple products iPhone, iPadiPod touch, Mac, and Mac. You can access any device connected to the Wi-Fi/Internet and use it as a control point for your Apple products. You can also manage multiple devices simultaneously from your home system using HomeKit.

HomeKit offers additional capabilities and features to your smart home system devices such as smart lights. camerasthermostats. These features allow you to easily manage your system devices without installing additional apps.

It’s easier to connect HomeKit with your Apple devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. HomeKit can also be used with devices from other companies such as the Google Nest smart devices.

Apple HomeKit is a powerful application. Your developer will be able to help you add code to improve the management of your home’s system. You can ensure your home system runs smoothly with these additional features.

Apple HomeKit explained

Google Nest works with HomeKit

The simple answer is “Yes.” Even though Google NestApple HomeKit and devices are made by different developers. They can work together. However, additional features will be required to integrate the Google Nest devices into the HomeKit.

Home system upgrades are in high demand. Intelligent devices can make your life easier, whether you want to control the temperature or improve your home security. Apple smart products might not be the right choice for you. It all depends on your personal preferences and affordability.

Google and other companies offer many devices that can be used to enhance your smart home system. Google Nest devices include everything from thermostats for your home to security cameras. Wi-Fi routersAll of these devices can be integrated through the Apple HomeKit. To integrate all of your system devices, you only need the HomeBridge hub device with Wi-Fi connection.

What is a HomeBridge hub?

HomeBridge hub, a free and open-source app that allows you to connect the Apple HomeKit to other devices in a smart house system, is called a HomeBridge. It emulates iOS HomeKit and acts as an interface between other products and HomeKit. HomeKit can also control and manage other products than Apple products using the HomeBridge.

HomeBridge hubs work best over Wi-Fi. To connect to the HomeKit software framework and your home system devices, you will need an Ethernet connection. These devices include the Starling Home Hub or Hoobs. These devices can also be used to control multiple devices via the HomeKit.

Rumours have circulated about a new technology that allows smart home devices to be connected without the need for a HomeBridge. Matter, a new type of futuristic technology, will allow you to link multiple devices from different manufacturers like Google Nest and Apple products. After installing the software, you won’t need another device to link your devices.

HomeBridge Basics – Is it Worth the Effort

How do you integrate Google Nest Devices and Apple HomeKit

Setting up the HomeBridge hub device is not a complex task, but it can be confusing to some people, especially if they’re not familiar with installing skills/plugins using an open-source app. That’s why there’s an easier way. There’s a different kind of bridge and this one is almost plug-and-play.  We’re talking about the Startling Home Hub.

Apple HomeKit

Starling Home Hub is a popular bridge device because it can be used with Google Nest Home System devices. You will need an Ethernet cable and the power adapter that come with your Starling device. A steady Wi-Fi connection is required to allow HomeBridge to connect to Google Nest and HomeKit devices.

These steps will help you to complete the installation process.

  • Verify that your Wi Fi connection is active
  • By connecting the Starling Home Hub device to a power source, you can turn on the Starling Home Hub.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to your device, then connect it to the main Wi Fi router
  • Scan the QR code to open the Starling Home Hub website. Instead of scanning the QR code on your device, you can simply type in setup.starlinghome.io into your web browser.
  • Log in using your Google Account or Nest Account to access the account.
  • Your Starling Home Hub first connects to your Nest devices. Then, it will pair with Apple Home.
  • Finally, Nest will work with your Apple Home.

Nest will be paired with your Apple Home

  • After pairing, you will need to switch back to your iPhone/iPad in order to complete the setup. The Hub will be added to the Home app. Once you have done that, each Nest device connected via the Hub will show up one by one. Next, you will need to add each Nest devices, assign their names and determine their locations.
  • Once you finish registering Nest devices, you’ll have complete access to both HomeKit and Nest devices, and you will be able to control them all using the Home app.


The Google Nest home system devices can be used with the Apple HomeKit, despite being created by two different companies. To integrate Nest devices with the Home app, you can use either a Starling Home Hub or a HomeBridge Hub. You will be able to easily manage and control Nest devices as long you have strong Internet connection.

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