Does Ups Scan And Email Documents – Before We Get Into The Topic, let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Many UPS Store locations offer computer rental workstations.

If you’re out and about and need a quick spot to:

  • Scanning documents or images
  • Revise a company electronic file
  • Your resume should be updated and printed.
  • Examine your inbox.
  • The UPS Store will assist you with computer workstations.

Notary Public Services

All in one visit, print your documents from our computer rental workstation and get them notarized. Our notary public is a licensed specialist who is here to make your life easier.

Don’t have a fax machine but need to send a fax?

We understand that companies use fax machines to submit and receive signatures, official documents, and other information. However, finding a fax machine that is easily accessible can be difficult at times.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I send a fax near me?” you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than The UPS Store at 2202 18th St NW for all your faxing needs.

Our fax machines are still able to send and receive faxes. To assist you with your company, use The UPS Store fax services (sending and receiving faxes).

Need a document scanned easily?

We offer document scanning at The UPS Store 18th St NW to help you save time and money. Large and small documents can be scanned and accessed at our Business Station. After successfully scanning your papers, entrust your paperwork to The UPS Store’s shredding services. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things related to your small business.

UPS scanned and emailed my personally identifiable info to the wrong email address. How to recover?

My loan closing documents were scanned and emailed to my email address by the UPS store. Unfortunately, the clerk misspelled my last name, but it was sent to a legitimate email account. I went back to the UPS Store and informed them of the mistake. They sent an email to the receiver informing them of the mistake and requesting that they delete it.

They expressed regret.

My details and bank routing numbers have gone missing, and I have no idea how to get them back.

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