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Does Vivint Use Wifi

by stacy

Can Vivint Work Without A WiFi connection?

Vivint Smart Homes is Vivint’s next-level home security system. This is a fancy way to make your home safer and more secure. You can install the system at your convenience and comfort. Your mind will be filled with many questions, such as how does it work? Is Vivint possible without Wi-Fi? Is it in need of any special support? We are here to answer all your questions.

Vivint Smart Home Security System

Are you fed up with worrying about your home being burgled? The worst threat is from people with malicious motives, who might be lurking in the darkness, looking for one chance to enter your home.

Vivint SmartHome security system is a blessing. You can rest easy at night, and get to work in the morning without worrying about who might be in your home.

Vivint Can Work Without WiFi Connection?

We have the answers you are looking for if the Vivint connection has been elusive. No. Vivint can’t work without Wi-Fi and if Vivint is a security system expert, then you will know that Vivint only works with Wi-Fi. This is why Vivint Smart Home is a wireless security system. Vivint Smart Home is a wireless security system that works for you.

Why does wireless connection matter?

Wireless security systems are superior to wired systems for many reasons. To help you understand why wireless connections are so important, we have listed some of the most important reasons.

Vulnerability of Wired Connections

Wireless Connection is more secure than traditional wired security systems. A wireless security connection is easy to hack. By cutting the phone line, intruders can bypass your home security. Vivint’s cellular technology is advanced and has no wires that intruders can cut through.

No drilling for Wired Connection

Traditional wired systems require proper wiring and fixing.

You only need to drill two holes if Vivint SmartHome wireless security system is being used. One is to connect the wires that will establish a connection between your SkyControl panel’s touchscreen and the home’s power supply. The second is required to install the recessed doors sensors, depending on whether you choose it.

Setup is easy

Vivint supports anyone who feels the need to move their house. You can pack your Vivint Security System easily so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Vivint even has a feature that saves your security settings so that they can be wirelessly installed in your new house. Sign up for the 42-month monitoring agreement. You’ll be charged $100 for the setup of your move to your new house.

Tamperproof Wireless System

Wireless Vivint security systems are tamper-proof. This means that even if the panel is removed from the wall by someone else, all other security equipment will continue to function perfectly. If the wired system is damaged, the monitoring center won’t receive the alarm signal. You will be notified.


We hope that you now understand the importance of wireless Wi-Fi connections so Vivint can work without them. Wireless technology has improved Vivint Smart Homes’s security and tampering.

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