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Signeasy is available in 24 languages!

by stacy

Since its inception, Signeasy has strived to be a globally-minded organisation, committed to forging meaningful connections between individuals in all parts of the world. As part of our ongoing effort to streamline your daily process and make client interactions more accessible, your favourite eSignature software is now available in 24 additional languages!

Mobile users throughout the world can now take advantage of a completely multilingual experience, regardless of whether they use Swedish, Tagalog, Russian, or Japanese as their primary language. What more could you ask for in a world where business has no boundaries and no borders?

As of right now, you can take use of the Signeasy experience in the following languages: English; Thai; Tagalog; Swedish; Spanish; Russian; Portuguese; Norwegian Bokml; Korean; Japanese; Italian; Indonesian; German; French; Finnish; Dutch; Malay; Greek; Turkish; Danish; Chinese; and (Traditional and Simplified, iOS only).

We will be adding even more languages to this already expansive list in the near future, so keep an eye out for them!

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