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Eero Blinking White: Why And How To Fix It?

by stacy

Eero is one of the best networking options if you want to set up a mesh network in your home. This system is capable of doing a good job but, like all networking equipment, can sometimes have issues. This article will discuss the Eero blinking red light and what you can do to fix it.

What Does Eero’s White Light Blinking Mean?

When you take a look at your Eero you can’t miss the one LED light. It shows the current status of your router and whether it is functioning properly. The color of the eero LED light will change depending on the router status.

If everything is in order, the LED light should stay solid white. If your Eero blinks white, it means that it’s starting up or is connected to the Internet. Normally, this shouldn’t last for too long, but some users have reported that their Eero has been continuously blinking white for a longer period of time and not connecting to the network.

Eero blinking white

How to Fix the Eero Blinking White Light

Sometimes the signal coming out of the router is too weak for normal connections to be established. Your ISP should check this and make repairs. Normaly, if your ISP is performing scheduled maintenance, or experiencing a service outage, there won’t be any signal or signal. Your router could lose signal and your Eero may blink white, trying to connect to internet.

You can only fix the problem by contacting your ISP to ask them about any issues with their service. Wait until they resolve the issue. Normally, these issues don’t last for too long.

If your ISP is not the problem, you can try the following solutions.

Add the problematic eero

The following quick fix can be used to resolve an Eero malfunction: First, remove the app from your phone and then add it back. This is a proven way to fix some connectivity issues. This guide will show you how to add or remove Eeros from the network.

Power Cycle Your Eero

Power cycling your Eero is an easy and straightforward procedure that will resolve any networking issues you may encounter. It is easy to use and this is what you should do.

  1. Unplug your Eero from the mains power supply.
  2. Take a moment to relax.
  3. Connect it back to the power source, and wait for it boot up.

If this doesn’t stop the white light from blinking, move to the next step – soft reset the Eero.

Restart Your Network

When we say to restart the network, we don’t mean just to restart the router or the modem. All devices on the network must be powered cycled: router, modem, Eero.

First, unplug the Eero plug from the power source. After about a minute, you can plug it in again. After 2 minutes, it will stabilize.

Next, disconnect the modem’s power supply. After about a half-minute, plug it back in and wait until all of the LED lights are stable.

Check if the white light is still on.

Reset Your Eero (Soft Reset)

Soft reset is the next option to resolve the white blinking issue. This will preserve the settings that you have made to your Eero, and not the factory reset.

  1. Find the reset button in your Eero.
  2. You will see the LED light turn yellow after holding it for 5-10 second. Once that happens, release it.
  3. Let the LED light flash solid red for a few seconds.

You can however factory reset the Eero to restore its default settings if it keeps blinking.

Eero reset button

Reset Eero Factory Settings

We recommend that the Eero be reset to factory settings as a last resort. This is because the factory reset erases all settings and configurations, and removes Eero completely from your home network.

  1. The reset button is located.
  2. Hold it down for approximately 15 seconds, until you see a flashing red light.
  3. Click the button.
  4. The Eero will blink blue once the factory reset is complete. This is a way to restart the Eero from the beginning.

Contact Eero Support

If all of the solutions above didn’t work to solve the Eero blinking white issue, the last thing you could do would be to contact Eero customer service. Users say that Eero customer service is very efficient and helpful. if the people who work at the store can’t help you fix the problem, there’s a chance that they can replace the item if it’s still under the warranty.

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