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eero Router Login: Change The eero SSID And Wi-Fi Password

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You must have used other wireless routers to access their web-based interface to modify some settings. It will be impossible to do this on the eero router. This is because there is no web interface for the eero WiFi network. The eero App is required to configure your network and customize it.

When setting up a wireless network, one of the first things users do is change the name to something personal. They also protect their network by using a strong password. This is a great way to protect your wireless network.

So, let’s see what you need to access the eero router settings and make the necessary changes.

What you need:

  • The eero App is installed on your iOS and Android devices
  • The device must be connected to the Eero network
  • Amazon or Eero accounts

How to log in to your Eero Router

STEP 1 – Prepare Your Device

Lock your iOS or Android phone and ensure it is connected to the eero WiFi network.

STEP 2 – Install And Launch The Eero App

We assume that you have already installed the eero App on your smartphone. However, if you don’t have to, please download it from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore and install it. Although it will take some time, you will need it.

Click the eero icon to launch the app.

eero App icon

STEP 2 – Already Have An Account?

If you already have an eero or Amazon account select the “Already have an account?” option.

eero router login

This option will allow you to choose one of the available sign in methods.

  • Register with Amazon
  • Register with email or by phone
eero sign in options

If you are new to eero select the “Are you new to eero” button to create an account. Follow these instructions to create an account.

STEP 3 – Go To Settings

After logging in to your eero Account, tap on the Settings icon.

eero settings icon

STEP 4 – Change The Current Network Name And Password

You will find your current network name, password and other details on the new page.

WiFi settings

Now, tap the NetworkIn the new page, tap on the field for the network name. Once the keyboard appears, delete your old network name and enter your new WiFi name. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, here is a list of cool wireless network names you can choose from.

Click on SaveTo save the changes

Once you have chosen the most unique network name, it’s time to change your password to something more memorable but still unique.

Return to the Settings if you haven’t been redirected automatically and now tap on Password. Tap on the current password in the new page. The keyboard should now appear on your phone. Enter the new password.

Just as before, don’t forget to save the changes.

You may be disconnected from the network. Connect to the new SSID and enter the wireless password.  You will automatically be connected to the new network if your device supports it. However, don’t forget to reconnect your other devices to the new network.


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Tips for WiFi Password Security

You should pay attention to these important points when you secure your Eero system using a strong wireless password and a unique network name.

  • Use numbers, special characters and small capital letters when creating wireless passwords. Your password strength will be boosted by one special character
  • Use different passwords for each account.
  • You should not share your WiFi password to everyone. Only do this if there are no other options. It is better for guests and visitors to have their own Guest network. It is easy to create and offers great security against unauthorized access.
  • The password will be remembered by most electronic devices so it is important to keep it updated. There is no need to do it very often – every two-three months is just fine.
  • It is always better if you remember your passwords. If you come up with a hard to remember one, make sure to write it but keep the note somewhere safe, where others can’t find it.

Last words

The eero WiFi system offers a great solution for anyone who wants a WiFi system that is simple to set up and provides reliable WiFi signal throughout the home. The eero App simplifies system management. You can do everything with just a few taps of your smartphone. You can do everything from your smartphone, in a matter of seconds, including changing the WiFi network password or adding or blocking specific devices to the network.

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