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Electronic Signature Example

Electronic Signature Example

by stacy

Consider the image of reams of papers piling up on your desk, week after week, awaiting the signatures of your extremely small crew of executive assistants and managers (who are already stretched for time). Given the likelihood that such a scenario would play out in your everyday life, it should not be too difficult to envisage. You are in the right place to learn more about electronic signature examples (thank you for stopping by!)

It’s no surprise that according to study, 33 percent of small businesses spend the majority of their day on documentation. And the biggest surprise of all: only 4% of the material is truly considered crucial!

Ultimately, all your stakeholders are left with is an extremely sore signing hand as a result of this obsolete documentation process. Without even mentioning the increased risk of infection that comes with interacting with high-contact surfaces such as pens, scanners, and sheets of paper.

By now, the advantages of online contracts should be self-evident to everyone. So, I’m confident that you are no longer asking yourself, “Why pick eSignatures?” In order to increase the productivity and hygiene of your document process, you would actually need to know ‘HOW TO USE ELECTRONIC SIGNIFICATIONS.’ Continue reading for a real-life electronic signature example (or ten) in action!

10 helpful electronic signature example (s)

Electronically signed documents are no longer considered a novelty; rather, they constitute an important digital solution for every mission-critical business function. As a result of COVID’s push for firms to embrace touchless processes, pen and paper workflows are being rapidly phased out.

Some examples of how eSignature enabled online contracts can make a difference in the health, experience, and efficiency of your employees, suppliers, and customers are as follows:

1. Hiring and onboarding of new workers – Hiring and onboarding forms are the very first points of contact that employees have with your company. As a result, you would like their first interaction with your firm to be as seamless as possible. These touchpoints must be made stress-free and simple, which is especially important given the rise in telecommuting.

Using an online signature tool to minimise the drudgery of printing, filling out, signing, and delivering employment contracts and other papers to new employees is one simple approach to accomplish this goal quickly and efficiently.

Learn how Dalhart Independent School District utilised Signeasy to enrol teachers in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Examples of documents include consent for a background check, an offer letter, participation in benefits, and a code of conduct.

2. Sales documentation — Sales teams are always inundated with documents that need to be completed as soon as possible. And as a result of being overburdened with administrative tasks, these executives find themselves unable to concentrate on their primary role of selling.

E-Signature systems, such as Signeasy, may make the life of your salespeople considerably more convenient by providing them with ready-made templates for each sort of document they encounter. They will save time by not having to type out the several contracts each time. Instead, they only need to open a template, make a few minor adjustments, and then hit the send button on the document! Once this is done, the software will send automated reminders to the signatories until they affirm receipt of the contract.

Because Signeasy’s solution is mobile-friendly, it allows salespeople to sign and deliver papers from any location and at any time. As a result, eSignatures assist in increasing closure rates by shortening the time it takes to complete each touchpoint of the sales cycle, from contract development through distribution to signature.

Proposals, bids, customer agreements, project estimates, quotes, contract renewals, and purchase orders are just a few types of documents.

You will observe the finance crew racing from pillar to post every day in order to acquire signatures on as many financial documents as possible. They are also compelled to manually issue several reminders to signees until the document pipeline is completely cleansed of documents. Naturally, this type of clerical job takes time away from the time your team could be spending on problem-solving activities that are more creative in nature. Companies that provide electronic signature solutions, such as Signeasy, even offer biometric-powered audit trails to further strengthen the security and reliability of their systems.

The simple act of generating these reminder emails, through the use of Signeasy, will undoubtedly save your team a significant amount of time. The tanning bed company owned by JK Group was able to deliver authenticated signatures to the bank that complied with all eSignature rules thanks to the use of Signeasy.

Examples of documents include mortgage paperwork, expenditure reimbursement forms, invoices, and tax forms.

Fourth, adherence to quality principles necessitates the completion and signing of a slew of documentation, whether it is in accordance with ISO, AS, or IATF standards. It will then need to be cross-checked by the rest of the team to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

Signeasy’s ‘document fields’ feature provides prompts that point out where to sign in order to limit the number of errors in these documents. The result is fewer errors and less time wasted by administrators manually examining each file individually.

Examples of documents include: the results of an internal audit, records of customer property, and the outcomes of corrective actions.

5. Customer transactions — Time-consuming paperwork can be the stumbling block in the way of increased sales for your company. Millennials, in particular, are known to despise the thought of having too many documents to read and sign, which has resulted in many sales being left unfinished. As a result, small businesses such as family-owned auto dealerships, travel agencies, and banks have experienced declining sales rates.

Given the importance of every transaction to small businesses, it is imperative that this issue be addressed in a cost-effective manner. You can use Signeasy to digitise documentation, which will make the buying event more convenient for both buyers and sellers alike. Here is an example of how H&S Travels and Tours helps its customers limit the amount of paperwork associated with booking vacations to a bare minimum by utilising electronic signatures.

Examples of paperwork include: registration papers, loan documents, and booking papers.

6. Vendor management – Small businesses rely largely on obtaining favourable terms from vendors in order to remain profitable.

When it comes to vendor agreements, e-signature solutions help to close the loop in the most efficient manner. The elimination of document processing delays ensures that your company is able to take advantage of the agreed-upon rates for services or products. It can also assist you in storing reams of vendor paperwork, conveniently in the cloud, for the purpose of auditing them. To learn more about how HasGeek, an internet company, uses Signeasy’s digital audit trail to prove that each document has been signed by the intended recipient, please visit this page.

Examples of documents include: a contract worker agreement, a vendor termination agreement, and a vendor termination agreement.

7. Employee management on a day-to-day basis — Following onboarding, there are a plethora of paperwork that must be completed during the course of an employee’s career. A long list of forms that employees must interact with, ranging from performance management to leaving procedures, can be found online. Now, simply because you are unable to quickly distribute these documents to your remote workers, none of these operations will be halted.

eSignature solutions can be used to digitise these forms and contracts, which will help to ensure the continuation of the company’s operations. One example is the work done by Halvor Lines, a family-owned trucking and logistics company, which obtained the signatures of 600 truck drivers ‘on the road’ whenever there was a change in their personnel file. More information can be found here.

Timesheets, leave approvals, claims, promotion approvals, and training authorizations are only a few types of documents.

In tech-first organisations such as SaaS companies or e-commerce brands, it is critical that the IT function performs flawlessly in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

In order to accomplish this, an eSignature solution for IT operations can aid in the acceleration of the documentation process. In addition, all of these information technology papers are automatically archived into the cloud, making it much easier to save and access them in the future.

Examples of documents include bugfix sign-offs, complaint tickets, policy acknowledgments, asset retirement, and issue tickets, among others.

9. Legal document processing – Did you know that the audit trail established by online signature solutions is just as legally binding as wet signatures, and that it is accepted all around the world? 10.

Because Signeasy automatically keeps these papers in the cloud, you can rest certain that they will be kept in a secure location. View this video for an example of how the German firm Sono Motors used electronic signatures to get their non-disclosure agreements signed in record speed by digitising the papers.

Powers of attorney, employment contracts, board consents, confidentiality agreements, and partnership agreements are just a few types of legal documents.

10. Supply chain logistics – Every supply chain operation involves the exchange of a large number of forms and contracts between a large number of stakeholders.

With Signeasy, you can protect your employees against contact transmission (through exposure to infection hotspots such as printers, scanners, and documents, among other things) in a post-COVID environment. Here are a few examples of electronic signatures that you can use in your supply chain.

Customs, shipping, standardised documentation from buyer and seller, trading or bank requirements are only a few types of documents.

You’re interested in learning more about how eSignatures might benefit your SMB through a specific electronic signature scenario. Simply send an email to sales@ for further information. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial by clicking here.

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