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How to Send Mass Email in Gmail

Mass email is also known as bulk mail. It involves sending promotional emails to large lists of contacts (customers and subscribers, leads, etc.). To achieve a goal such as to promote a product, or to communicate important information.

Sendinblue is a great software solution for managing mass emails.

Gmail mass email might be an option if you are trying to reduce costs. Many small business owners wonder:

Can’t I just use Gmail for mass email campaigns?

Technically, mass email can be sent with Gmail. It’s not designed specifically for mass email, so you should be aware of its limitations.

Three things will be done by this article:

  • Learn how to send mass emails with Gmail using
  • Explain WhyGmail Isn’t Suitable for Sending Mass Emails
  • Let us introduce you to a better option

How do I send mass emails in Gmail?

You will need to use Gmail and Google Drive for this purpose.

  1. Create a new Google Doc and send your email
  2. Open a Google Sheet (spreadsheet).
  3. Click here Add-ons And then Add-ons
  4. Look for Yet another mail merge Download it now for free
  5. Select Addons Yet another Mail Merge Start Mail Merge
  6. You can choose to either import contacts via Gmail directly or manually add email addresses.
  7. Enter the sender’s information and choose your email draft (the original Doc that you opened).
  8. Click Send Emails (based on the number of emails that you have left to send)

Why mass emails should not be sent in Gmail

Gmail is great to send emails to specific contacts, but not great if you need to send mass emails.

Avoid using Gmail mass email if you want to grow your business with email marketing. While it may save you some money, you will run into these issues:

Gmail cannot send more than 500 emails per calendar day

Gmail allows you to send and receive mass emails. 500 is the maximum number of emails that you can send or receive in 24 hours. You can only send 500 emails to recipients.

The 500 limits are often used quickly by businesses with large subscriber lists. It is possible to split lists and spread out campaigns over multiple days. This would be inefficient.

After you reach the limit, you must wait 24 hours before you can send emails again from your account. This can quickly become a problem if you have other important emails that need to be sent.

Send mass emails with Sendinblue >>

Delivery issues via mass email Gmail

When it comes to mass mail, Gmail has very strict sender guidelines. Google may temporarily suspend your account if spam emails are received or if there is a high volume of messages that have not been delivered to the correct addresses.

Your email may not reach the inbox if your sender address ends with @gmail.com Webmail providers were created for personal use. A mass email sent from one of these webmail providers will quickly be flagged as suspicious.

It is best to use your domain name as a sender address. Using an @gmail.com address to contact business clients doesn’t look professional.

Limited design capabilities

Gmail’s text-based email system makes it difficult to grab a reader’s attention or make a calls-to-action stand. Add-ons and Chrome extensions are required to add branding, colors, or graphics to your Gmail mass emails.

Email marketing has reached a high level of design in today’s age. (If you don’t believe us, check out these email marketing examples ). Plain-text email marketing may not be appropriate for your audience or product.

You need email tools that are optimized to help you compete with the best.

Why You Need an Email Marketing Service Like Sendinblue

Gmail mass emails can put your brand and sender at risk. You need to be able to send mass marketing emails to large numbers of contact using a dedicated bulk mail service such as Sendinblue.

Sendinblue offers a free trial with unlimited subscribers and up to 300 emails per day. You don’t need a credit card.

Are you still thinking about Gmail mass emails? Here are five reasons to use professional email marketing services to send mass emails.

Better email deliverability

Delivery refers to the ability for an email to land in the inbox of a recipient and not go to junk mail by spam filters.

When sending mass emails, delivery is the most important thing to consider. Your email must overcome many obstacles to reach the inbox, including expired and misspelled addresses (tip: use a double-opt-in process).

Sendinblue uses strict authentication to protect its sender reputation and keep spammers away. High-volume mass email senders can use dedicated IP addresses.

Email marketing services are designed to deliver mass emails and will work better than Gmail.

Continue reading: 8 Simple Ways to Increase Email Delivery (+ Free ebook). ()

An email limit that meets your needs

Gmail allows you to send 500 emails per hour or one email to 500 recipients.

Mass email campaigns will be sent if your subscriber list exceeds 500 addresses.

You might not have 500 contacts right now. It’s okay. However, if you are focused on business growth, you can expect your email list to grow in the future.

You can overcome this problem by signing up for an email platform that has an email limit that suits your budget and needs.

The Sendinblue Lite Plan includes unlimited storage and 10,000 monthly email sending.

Email performance analysis

You will need to know whether your mass email campaign was opened, clicked on the links, and if it was closed. This is how you know if the campaign achieved its goal.

Your email marketing strategy should include measuring performance. To track your progress and compare yourself with other players in your industry, you must be able to measure the results and impact of your actions.

Gmail does not offer to report, but an email marketing service will provide you with all the important email metrics like open rate, click rate and bounce rate, delivery rates, unsubscribe rates, and many more.

Here’s an example of how analytics could be presented using Sendinblue:

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