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by stacy

What is an email client?

An email client allows you to send and receive emails from your computer. Examples include Outlook and Windows Live Mail.We do not recommend email clients as they are less future-proof than accessing emails via a browser or an app.webmail. Microsoft is ending support for email clients, too. Microsoft has stopped supporting Outlook for desktops and Windows Live Mail.

Email clients allow you to store the emails as small files on your computer’s hard disk.

If you use an email client, you won’t have the ability to access all of your emails on a different computer.

Email client:

Email clients vs. webmail

This is in contrast to a webmail service such as Gmail, Outlook.com (previously known as Hotmail)

These webmail services allow you to access your emails online from any computer using a web browser.

Webmail is better than email clients. It’s more flexible and allows you to do more.


  • Free email service
  • Logging into your account in a web browser allows you to access it.
  • Log in from any computer around the globe
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones
  • You can switch broadband providers easily, and you can keep your email address.

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