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by stacy

If you ask the SendGrid marketing team about best practices in email marketing, they will tell you that they are a rather opinionated bunch. And even though SendGrid is more than happy to talk about email marketing best practices, we wanted to let some of SendGrid’s favourite brands do (at least some of) the talking in this guide.

The hand-picked email marketing examples provided below demonstrate some of the most innovative practices in email marketing right now. The list includes best practices for all aspects of email marketing, including personalization, testing, subject lines, and other considerations. Learn how you can take their suggestions and put them into action through your email marketing programme.

1. The Hustle

Subject Lines, A/B Testing, and the Hustle are some of the topics covered in this chapter.
A daily email newsletter that curates some of the most important news stories in business, technology, and culture for you to read on your computer or smartphone. They send me a daily dose of news that I don’t necessarily get from the BBC, which keeps me coming back to the computer every day.

Throughout the day, The Hustle tests subject lines, which always refer back to their first story of the day and are frequently creative and humorous. Consider the example I’m using from the 5th of March: their first storey was about a new technology that was attempting to provide Internet access to remote areas through the use of satellites.

A: Unambiguous, Relatively Risk-Free

B: Ingenious and amusing

Why it works is as follows:

Both versions describe (albeit in very different ways) what fascinatingly’s inside the email, which is a nice touch.
Both versions provide succinct subject lines that are no more than 5 words in length.
Testing one version against another that was a little more “out there,” they were more likely to determine which version resonated the most with their specific readership and audience.

2. Airbnb

The Hustle has a firm grasp on their brand voice, which allows them to talk about cat videos while still being taken seriously (and getting those opened!).
Their writing is witty without being overly lighthearted, and their tone is laid-back without being overly serious.
Ellie Johnson is a second-year Marketing Operations Associate. PERSONALIZATION AS IT RELATES TO AIRBNB
In the online marketplace for short-term lodging and vacation rentals, Airbnb is known as “Airbnb.” Airbnb acts as a middleman throughout the transaction and facilitates the connection between parties in exchange for a fee. They describe themselves as “A Community Built on Trust,” and they have earned a solid reputation as a result of their efforts.

The following email, which I received from Airbnb, stood out to me as a great email example for a variety of reasons, but the use of personalization was the first thing that caught my eye.

Why it works is as follows:

The subject line is where the personalization begins, and they used not one, but two pieces of personalization with basic substitution tags to make it more personalised (my name and home city).
Knowing that the email contains personalised information will naturally pique the recipient’s interest, increasing the likelihood that the email will be opened.

When it comes to providing useful insight for me, this email campaign takes advantage of and makes the most of the data that the company has access to show me where other Denverites are booking vacations.
This email does a fantastic job of using data straightforwardly and logically to provide a personalized experience for the recipient.
The third person on the team is Austin Whiting, Email Marketing

3. Medium

Medium(.com) is an online publishing platform that publishes articles on a variety of topics, including personal finance, sports, humour, and a whole lot more. It also functions as a blog hosting service, allowing users to create accounts that contain content that they create themselves on the site. Rather than focusing on the number of unique visitors to their website, the company optimizes its operations around the number of time visitors spend reading the site, which is a testament to the high quality of the content available.

Medium’s “Daily Digest” is a great example of an email because of the excellent personalization that goes into the creation of the email. (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Medium, so the following assumptions about the inner workings of their personalization are made at my own risk!)

The very first thing you should do after signing up for a free account is to choose the subject matter that most interests you. Those interests are then fed into their magical personalization engine, which is then used to generate your “Daily Digest” email newsletter.

Why it works is as follows:

Article of the week: Each digest contains a single storey at the top, which is also included in the subject line of the corresponding email.
Time allotted for reading: Receivers are given a heads up with an “X min read” warning before they choose to click on an article (the Full Send does the same thing!)
Categorization: If I’m not in the mood to talk about personal finance right now, I can continue to scroll down to another category that is more in tune with my current state of mind.
What better way to engage with recipients than to provide them with all of the content they specifically requested?

4. Bookit

Booking multiple vacations to Cancun through the travel company Bookit.com has been a great experience for me. Since those trips, I’ve received a regular stream of emails with current deals on resorts throughout Mexico and various Caribbean destinations.

I frequently find myself perusing their specials and desperately resisting the temptation to book another last-minute vacation. “What? For less than $100 per night, you can stay at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. “Tell me more about it.”

Take, for example, the subject line of a recent email, which offers a time-based incentive in exchange for a low-friction commitment:
Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Bookit is also experimenting with different templates and elements in their email campaigns. In one experiment, they are examining the effect that larger images have on click-through rates (click-thru rates). On the other, they are experimenting with the concept of “social proof” by using customer testimonials:

A: Detailed Photographs

B: Social Proof (also known as social proofing)

Why it works is as follows:

Using data to make personalised recommendations, Bookit knows that there is likely still interest in these destinations for future trips. I was most likely added to this destination email segment as a result of my previous Mexico travel bookings, and this email campaign serves as a sort of destination retargeting campaign.
Subject lines: By presenting a time-based offer with a sense of urgency, this email comes across as more time and as one that should be opened as soon as possible.
The emails maintain a consistent design across multiple experiences and subtly hint at what the desired CTA (call-to-action) will be on the website to encourage users to take action.
A|B testing in your emails, as with website pages, is an essential part of determining what truly resonates with your customers and can result in significant increases in conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
For the time being, please excuse me as I need to look into a tropical resort.
Mike Pace is the Director of Demand Generation at Demand Generation

5. Yelp

Aside from creative, witty alliteration and savoury, delectable desserts, there are two things that almost always catch my eye. When I received one of the many themed newsletters that Yelp has sent me recently, I noticed that they managed to incorporate both into one of the newsletters.

Beignets, as advertised in Yelp’s weekly newsletter titled “Bangin’ Beignets!” tempted and ultimately convinced me to sample the powdered sugar delights at a few of my neighbourhood restaurants.

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