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How to Package and Sell Email Marketing Services

While digital marketing agencies can offer a wealth of knowledge to their clients, they are also constantly under pressure to deliver more with fewer resources and maintain a rising trend in revenues.

We’ve seen an increase in one-off projects and a decrease in fees over the years. Agency staff has to work harder to keep up with the demand for the same benefits and find new clients to sustain their existence.

Email marketing can be added to agencies’ list of services to increase revenue and win new clients. Email marketing allows agencies to grow faster and their clients to grow larger. It’s also super easy.

This guide will show you how to price, package, and sell email marketing services.

  • Revenue augmentation from existing clients
  • Increase the value of your existing clients to keep them coming back for more
  • With recurring monthly fees, you can increase predictability in your revenues
  • Attract new clients to generate more top-line income

Why sell email marketing?

Email marketing is a reliable tool that can generate new revenue streams for your agency and supercharge your clients’ campaigns.

Email Has Unmatched Reach

Statista says that email marketing is growing rapidly, with 4.48 billion global users expected to use email by 2024. It’s estimated that it has 85% reach, compared with social media’s 58%. It continues to deliver results. Over the past 12 months, 80% of marketers reported an increase in email engagement. 59% of them said that email marketing increased customer retention.

Increase Your Revenue

Email marketing is a great way to generate additional revenue.

Increase the value you offer clients to retain them

We hear two of the most common complaints from agencies: the difficulty in transitioning clients from a one-time project to a retainer, and the decline in margins due to the constant acquisition of new clients.

Email marketing is a way for your agency to retain clients and generate revenue, unlike a website or billboard design which are usually one-off projects. Your clients will appreciate the instant value that email marketing services can bring to their business. Email nurture campaigns can be used to increase conversions, brand awareness, and engagement.

Email Marketing can help you secure recurring revenue

Vision6 allows agencies and other organizations to set up markups and invoice clients directly for the services they provide. This allows you to earn revenue from every email campaign that your clients send. You can even brand your dashboard with your unique branding. This is possible because Australia’s best email and SMS marketing platform supports you. This is the best way for Australian agencies to secure recurring revenue. It’s also super simple.

How to package and price email marketing services

You can offer many services and assets in email marketing. We’ll discuss these later in the guide.

First, you will need to determine how to package your services to make them work for you and your clients. Many agencies offer a variety of packages. These are just a few examples of how you might package yours.

Full-Service Bundle

For clients who know the power and importance of email marketing, but lack the time or desire to do it themselves, you can offer all the necessary services. All of the services could be provided, including email marketing strategy, email design, landing pages, and signup forms, as well as regular reporting on results.

The best package is available with a monthly charge. The fees charged by Vision6 agencies vary depending on how many campaigns are run, the list size, and hours spent on a copy, creative, and reporting. This package offers a reliable source of recurring revenue.


Vision6 agencies almost all offer hourly rates in addition to their package services. An hourly fee can cover anything, from data management and consulting to email design or reporting.

Hourly rates are best for bespoke projects, one-off jobs, or when the client needs additional help to get started. The hourly rate can be adjusted to include an additional charge for using the platform.


Vision6 agencies may also work with clients who want to create their email marketing programs. These clients might need additional assistance in setting up a campaign or using a paid service. Vision6 partners allow you to have full control over how your client accesses the product. This can be based on their preferences, such as edit, view only, or full admin rights.

To give your clients a consistent brand experience you can add your Agency branding on your Vision6 dashboard. You’ll know that you have the support of Australia’s best email and SMS marketing platform.

Vision6 lets you set the price for your services. You can charge what you like to your client if you choose to pay. While it is important to keep fees affordable, ensure that your markup covers your investment and time.

You can also check in with them every six to 12 months to find out if they are looking for ways to improve their email marketing. Partner status allows you to receive 10% off the RRP as well as a free account that you can use to market your products.

What services should you offer in your packages?

Let’s discuss the services that you offer after you have established your price ranges and set your package.

Email Marketing Strategy

Your marketing knowledge is invaluable. Help your clients establish goals, objectives, and KPIs for their email marketing campaigns. Consider how email campaigns could be integrated into an integrated marketing strategy. Identify the market and the messaging, imagery, and related assets. Schedule and determine the key success factors. Learn more about the best KPIs you can track here.

Maintain & Grow Lists

Management of lists can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of email marketing. So why not make it easier for your clients by taking this task off their plates. They’ll be grateful to you! Begin by auditing their contacts. Consider what kind of contacts they have, how many years they have been there, and their engagement level.

Collate clients’ audiences. Vision6 offers a variety of integrations that allow you to collect event registrations, eCommerce customers, and database lists from one location. You can help clients increase their list by including a signup page on their website, or gated content.

Segment your audience based on their demographic, behavior, and geographic insights to improve their email results and help you both gain a better understanding of their audience.

Design Email templates

Email templates can be a great way to increase loyalty and revenue. You can create custom templates for premium clients or offer template packages that they can personalize.

You can create unique HTML templates for clients if you have the right expertise. You can use Vision6’s drag and drop editor to create the templates or customize the templates provided.

Good design is essential for clients’ emails. An estimated 304 billion emails are being sent each day. Your email platform should have all the necessary components to create any email. This includes paragraphs to tell your story, compelling calls to action, images to create eye-catching designs, and a one-step video component to increase click-through rates. You can also easily create and share templates with your clients.

Get design tips and inspiration with beautiful email designs.

Create Email Template Bundles

Consider the different email categories you can use to bundle your email templates when creating your email templates. These can be sold either as services or one-off packages.


Marketers rate newsletters as being the best for nurturing and securing leads. They also rank them second for converting leads.

These are the goals of your client. If so, creating and sending a newsletter might be the right thing.

Event Campaigns

Email marketing can be used to promote an event or ensure everyone attends.

Give your clients a ready-made campaign plan.

Emails Welcome

More than three times as many transactions and revenue are generated by welcome emails than regular promotional emails.

Help your clients strike while they are hot by sending a series of instant welcome emails.

Lead Nurturing emails

Create a series of templates to help your clients get more audience inquiries. This will allow them to quickly and easily move from being interested in purchasing.

Automatic Emails

Automated emails have a 119% higher click-through rate than promotional emails. Your clients can create templates to help them automate birthday messages or reward their restaurant with e-commerce.

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