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How To Hack Email Account?

  • What’s your Email?

An email is a short form for Electronic mail. It is a letter that we send over the internet. Just as we would need the address of someone to whom we are writing a letter, so to send an email we will need that address. Letters used to take longer to reach their destination, but email, unlike letters, can be sent within seconds.

At the moment, there are over 2.6 billion active users and more than 4.6 billion email accounts. Email is the most popular and effective communication medium on the internet today.

  • Email Address Breakdown:

For example, My mail id is rv@schoolofwealthcreation.com, here is the first part of every Email address, which is part before symbol @ is an alias, user, group, department of the company, here is my mail id, RV is my name.

The next section, i.e. @ acts as a divider in an email address: It is required for all SMTP addresses after Ray Tomlinson’s first Email.

And the last part, here schoolofwealthcreation is the domain name to which the user belongs.

Email Hacking Cases:

Fireeye has found that at least 95% of cyberattacks are initiated via email. These figures are based upon a Fireeye survey. According to the company’s September report, malicious emails can cause financial damage and also harm the company’s reputation, which has been built over many years.

Around 67% of all emails that are sent and received are spam. This means that only 33 % are genuine.

* How to hack an email

Hacking an email is not an easy task these days. Phishing emails that are linked to gift vouchers or other gifts are common. If you click on the link, your account could be compromised. There are two main ways to hack an email. These are:

i) Keylogging

iii) Phishing

iii] Browser’s Password Management

These techniques are described in detail.

I. Keylogging

A keylogger is a tool that logs all keystrokes on a keyboard. Keylogger allows you to capture every keystroke that a user makes. There are two types of Keylogger: one is a software keylogger, and one is a hardware keylogger. We will be using a software keylogger. A keylogger is an application program. It can be installed as any other software. There are many hacking institutes in Pune that use the same application for keylogger practical execution. Any keylogger software can be used. In this instance, I will use the revealer keylogger. The victim will only need to be able to install the software. Once the software has been installed on the victim’s computer, it is time to close the application window and start the keylogger. The keylogger software will do the rest. Relax and enjoy your home.

Below are some screenshots of how to use the keylogger

Now, the victim will enter this information.

Here’s the log of keystrokes. Here is the victim’s password and email-id.

Phishing –

Phishing is a method of hacking. While some might argue that phishing does not constitute hacking, I will state that phishing can be used as a hacking technique. Hacking refers to gaining unauthorized access to a system, network, computer, or software. Hackers can use phishing to gain access to systems, computers, or networks by obtaining usernames and passwords. There are many hacking methods you can employ with phishing. To learn more, contact an expert at the ethical hacking institute in Pune. You now know that phishing can also be used to hack email accounts. Here are some examples of phishing to hack your Gmail account. To get the victim’s username and password, I will use rediffmail.

PHP script

https://mail.rediff.com/cgi-bin/login.cgi’); $handle =

fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”); foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {

fwrite(), $variable; fwrite(), “=”);

$value); fwrite($handle, “\r\n”); fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);|$value); fwrite(), $handle, rn; fwrite(), rn);}

exit; fclose(); $handle

What will the script do?

This script will save all values of all variables on a variable called handle. The handle value will be stored in a text file called usernames.txt. This means that the username and password will be saved in this text file. Let’s attempt the phishing attack. It should work, I hope.


Right-click on the page to open it and choose View Page Source. This will display the HTML code for the page.

Copy and paste the HTML code into a notepad. Save the file with “mail.rediff.html”.

To find the keyword “action”, press CTRL+F.

You can simply replace the URL with the file name for the PHP script, as I did.

Now you are done creating a phishing webpage. You now need to host the “mail.rediff.html file for the victim so that the victim can open it and can enter the username/password.

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