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Student Email / Office 365

DePaul students who are currently enrolled have an Office 365 for Education Account. These benefits are available through the Office 365 for Education account:

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Register as a Student Email Account

All DePaul students automatically receive a BlueM@il email account (username@depaul.edu). Microsoft hosts student email accounts as part of its Office 365 for Education program. To access your DePaul student email, go to https://office365.depaul.edu and log in using your BlueKey login credentials (username@depaul.edu email address and password). You can learn more about student email and university communications

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Office Application

You can install the latest Office version on up to five computers or mobile devices that you own. Go to office365.depaul.edu and launch Outlook to access your email or download the Outlook desktop app.

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Office Web Apps

You can access online Office apps (Web Apps), from any web browser, on any computer or smartphone. Go to office365.depaul.edu and launch Outlook or web-based versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive and other Office applications.

These are some useful links

Login: to access your Office 365 account.

Office 365 FAQ: for information about your account, software installation, accessing email on your mobile devices, and accessibility

Office 365 for Education: for more information about Microsoft’s program

Help Desk: for additional questions and support