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The 9 Best Sites for Free Email Templates

by stacy

Let’s face it: we’re in a bind. Designing emails from the ground up is not a simple undertaking. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free email templates available to make the process much simpler and faster. We’ve compiled a list of nine trustworthy websites where you can download over 600 responsive email templates for free.

Free email templates are THE go-to resource when…

You have limited coding skills

Using an HTML email template allows you to create beautiful responsive design emails without having to deal with the frustration of writing all of the codings from scratch. That means you won’t have to ragequit at 3 a.m. after failing to get your email HTML to render correctly for the 30th time.

You want to save time

So you want to send out your email campaign as soon as possible. What’s the point of reinventing the wheel? Using an email template that has already been designed and built saves time over designing and building an email from scratch.

When working with a template, all you have to do is change the content and branding elements to match your company’s branding. Furthermore, by using a responsive email template, you can rest assured that the email will display correctly on a variety of screen sizes.

You need to save money

An investment in the services of an email developer to create custom templates is a worthwhile one, but it is not without its costs. If you want to keep your costs to a bare minimum, free email templates will be your best friend in this endeavor.

You can give your emails a professional look and feel by using customizable email templates rather than spending money on a professional designer or developer.

And so, you’re probably wondering where you can find the free email templates that will allow you to save all of this time and money in the future.

Without further ado, please find below our list of the best free responsive email templates resources available.

Where to find the best free email templates

1. Sendinblue (40+ responsive email templates)

The first is Sendinblue (which has 40+ responsive email templates).

Three templates are displayed in the Sendinblue email template gallery in this view.

When you sign up for a free Sendinblue account, you will have full access to our template gallery as well as our email editing tools. Choose from 40+ email templates that are both beautifully designed and fully responsive.

A variety of features on our email marketing platform, including email signup forms, advanced reporting, and unlimited contact storage, will be available to you as well. Sendinblue’s free plan allows you to send up to 300 emails per day at no additional cost.

Sign up for a free Sendinblue account right now >>

Responsive Design Email Builder

When it comes to creating email campaigns using pre-made templates, you have two options with Sendinblue: the first is to use one of the pre-made templates or the second is to create your own.


Users of Sendinblue have access to our library of email templates, which can be customized using our drag and drop responsive design tool. This makes it extremely simple to create professionally designed emails even if you have no technical or design experience.

Nothing more than selecting a template from our library of more than 40 free email newsletter templates will be required. Simply drag the elements around the screen to rearrange them or add new ones. Afterward, you can make changes to them directly in the tool, without the need for HTML or CSS knowledge.

2. Stripo (300+ HTML email templates)

It is designed for more advanced users who want to write their HTML or use a template that they have downloaded from the internet.

If you intend to use an HTML email template, you will only need to complete a few simple steps:

Locate the template that you wish to use.

Save the template to your computer’s hard drive.

Open the template in a text editor of your choice (make sure that you set the preferences to view plain text)

Copy and paste the HTML code from the text editor into the WYSIWYG editor to make it look nice.

Make any modifications to the template that are required (swap images, change colors, etc.)

In the case of templates, it is critical to send a test email to ensure that the template renders correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. By doing so, you can ensure that your subscribers are not having a negative experience if they are using a specific type of device or browser.

3. Klenty (120+ email templates)

Stripo.com’s home page as seen on a computer screen

Stripe provides users with access to an enormous collection of fantastic free HTML email templates. Its drag and drop template builder does not require any coding knowledge on your part. It’s also possible to experiment with interactive elements such as CSS-animated buttons, image rollover effects, and other interactive elements.

The email you create with Stripo will need to be exported to your ESP (Email Service Provider) so that it can be sent to your recipients. For Sendinblue customers, this is a breeze thanks to Stripe’s Sendinblue integration, which streamlines the process even further. The Stripe free plan allows for four exports per month to email service providers (ESPs).

In addition to allowing you to personalize your sales outreach and follow up with prospects at scale, Klenty also allows you to automate your sales process. It has native integrations with the most widely used customer relationship management systems, including Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot, and Salesforce. In addition to comprehensive blogs that can be bookmarked, they also host email templates that can be copied and pasted into your email inbox, as well as downloadable electronic books that you can read at your own pace.

You can choose from over 120 different cold email templates in their free resources, which can be found here. The cold email templates have been created to address the various situations that sales representatives find themselves in regularly.

For those who are relentlessly following up and have run out of ideas for what to write in their follow-up emails, they also provide over 40 email templates. There are a variety of situations in which you might want to send a follow-up email, such as after a networking event, or after a trigger event, or even when you want to end a relationship with a prospect.

4. Email on Acid (6 free email templates)

E-mail on Acid is a web-based email testing platform that allows users to test their emails and ensure that they render correctly across all email clients and devices. There are numerous other resources available on the platform, such as an email editor, spam testing, enhanced email analytics, and more, among others.

Users can download several free responsive email templates from email on acid, in addition to the tools mentioned above, which are available to them at no additional charge.

5. Litmus (36 free email templates)

In addition to Litmus, several other companies provide software for testing emails across a wide range of devices and email service providers. They also provide several additional free resources to assist you with your email marketing efforts.

Another resource available is a community gallery of HTML email templates, which you can use in your campaigns and which you can download for free from the site.

The email templates for the community are divided into four main categories:

Product launch email templates are available for download (7 total)

Templates for eCommerce emails (10 total)

Account management email templates are available for download (6 total)

Templates for general marketing emails (8 total)

You can also get the “slate” email template package from this page. Includes 5 additional templates, ranging from newsletters to receipts for e-commerce transactions.

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