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Let’s face facts. It is not easy to create emails from scratch. Many free templates can make it easier and quicker to create emails. We have compiled 9 trusted sites that offer over 600 responsive email templates for free.

When you need to send an email, free templates are the best resource.

Your coding skills are limited

An HTML email template makes it easy to create responsive emails with beautiful designs without having to write all the code. This means that you don’t need to panic at 3 AM after trying 30 times to get your email HTML to render properly.

You want to save your time

You want your email campaign to go out quickly. Why reinvent the wheel? It is much faster to use a pre-made email template than to design and build an email from scratch.

You can easily modify the template’s content and branding elements to reflect your brand. You can rest assured that your email will display correctly on all screen sizes with a responsive template for email templates.

It is important to save money

Although it is a good investment, hiring an email developer to create custom templates can be costly. Free email templates are a great way to cut down on costs.

Email templates that can be customized give your emails a professional look and feel without the need for a designer or developer.

You’re probably now wondering where you can find free email templates that will save you time and money.

Here’s a list of top resources for responsive email templates.

Where can I find the best free email templates?

1. Sendinblue (60+ responsive email templates)

Sendinblue offers a free account that gives you full access to the template gallery and email editing tools. You can choose from over 60+ professionally designed and responsive email templates.

Our email marketing platform also offers a variety of features, including signup forms, advanced reports, unlimited storage, and email signup. Send up to 300 emails per day with Sendinblue’s Free Plan.

Sendinblue is your best choice. Two options when it comes to email campaigns, you can use ready-made templates.

Responsive Design Email Builder

Sendinblue users can access our extensive library of email templates via our drag-and-drop responsive design tool. This allows you to easily create professional-looking emails with no design or technical knowledge.

All you have to do is choose a template from our library of over 60 free email newsletter templates. Drag the elements around to arrange them or add new ones. You can then edit them directly within the tool, without needing any HTML or CSS knowledge.


The WYSIWYG HTML editor is for the more advanced users looking to write their own HTML, or use a downloaded template.

You can use an HTML email template if you want to. Follow these steps.

  • Choose the template that you would like to use
  • Save the template to your computer
  • Open the template in a text editor. Make sure you have set the preferences to see plain text.
  • Copy and paste HTML from the text editor into the WYSIWYG Editor
  • You can make any changes necessary to the template (change colors, swap images, etc.).

It is important to test your templates before you send them. This will ensure that it renders properly on both mobile and desktop. This will ensure that you aren’t giving your subscribers a bad experience on a particular device.

2. Stripo (300+ HTML email templates

Stripe gives access to a huge collection of awesome free HTML email templates. Its drag-and-drop template builder requires no coding skills. It also offers interactive elements such as image rollover effects and CSS-animated buttons.

After creating your Stripo email, export it to your ESP (Email Service Provider). If you’re a Sendinblue customer this is super easy thanks to Stripe’s Sendinblue integration. You can export 4 items per month to ESPs with the Stripo free plan.

3. Email on Acid 6 free email templates

Email on Acid is an online email testing platform that allows users to test emails and make sure that they render correctly across all email providers and devices. You will also find many other resources, such as an editor, spam testing, enhanced analytics, and email analytics.

In addition to the tools mentioned above, email on acid has several free responsive email templates that are available to users at no cost.

4. Litmus (36 email templates for free)

Litmus is another company that offers software to test emails across all different types of devices and email providers. You can also get additional resources for your email marketing.

One of the resources offered is a community gallery of HTML email templates that you can download for free and use in your campaigns.

These community templates include email templates for four main areas.

  • 7 total product launch email templates
  • Ecommerce email templates (10 total)
  • Account management email templates (6 total)
  • 8 total general marketing email templates

You can also download the “slate” email template package. You will also receive 5 additional templates that range from e-commerce receipt to newsletter.

5. Dyspatch (free open-source email templates)

Dyspatch is a visual email editor that lets you create mobile-friendly interactive emails. You can download any email you create there and use it with your existing ESP.

As a resource, they offer a free email template gallery that consists of 12 different themes, with each of them having between 1 and 9 email templates choose from.

6. BEE (200+ email templates)

BEEFree is an email editor with over 200 professionally designed email templates. You can choose your preferred template and personalize it to fit your brand. Simply download a ZIP file containing HTML for the email you wish to send from your ESP.

If you’re a Sendinblue user, you can export templates directly to Sendinblue once you upgrade to BEEPro.

7. 99Designs offers 45 free responsive email template

99designs is an online graphic design marketplace that works to connect businesses with freelance designers.

As part of their resources, the site offers a gallery of free email templates that you can download from their blog.

This gallery contains 3 themes and 3 email templates. You can also choose from 5 color options for each type of template.

8. Answer (3 Free Email Templates)

The answer is a collection of 3 email templates created by Julie Ng, a freelance designer.

These templates are designed to ensure that your email design is mobile-friendly. While most responsive designs only adjust the width of the message so it fits the device, Antwort adjusts the layout.

These emails can be rendered in multiple columns or one column with rows, depending on whether the reader uses a mobile or desktop device. This eliminates the need to compromise on design.

9. Pixelbuddha (15 email templates for free)

PixelBuddha, an online community, provides premium and free design resources in one location.

In addition to the website templates and other graphic design assets available, the site also has 15 email templates in their ‘freebies’ section that you can download.

You are now ready to go: Create email templates for your next campaign

There are no excuses for boring emails now that you have all the resources. You can send beautiful emails that convert, whether you use pre-made templates or drag-and-drop tools.

After creating the design that you want to use — whether using a template or creating your own email — don’t forget to use email list segmentation and personalization tactics in your message content to achieve the maximum amount of engagement.

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