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by stacy

What is Email Checker?

Email Checker is a small tool that allows you to verify an email address. It is free and easy to use. Simply enter your email address and click the “check” button. The email ID will tell you if it is genuine or fake. Sometimes it is unable to accurately predict the email id and will say unknown. This happens because some email providers have placed certain limits or restrictions on their mailboxes.

How can we verify an email?

  • It first checks for the correct format of your email address.
  • Next, verify that the domain name is correct. Also, we check if it is a disposable address.
  • The final step extracts the MX data from the domain records. It then connects to the mail server over SMTP and simulates sending a text message to verify that the mailbox exists for the user/address. Sometimes mail servers don’t cooperate with the process. In such cases, this tool might not return the expected result.

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