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Fax to email technology

Ironically, the technology responsible for declining fax use is also the technology that keeps fax relevant in today’s work environment.

An email has allowed consumers and businesses to send documents faster and more efficiently over long distances via the internet. It is the same function as a fax.

It is easy to see a scenario where fax became an obsolete technology and email has completely replaced faxing as the only accepted document-transmitting technology.

Online fax services give the old technology a modern twist. They leverage the internet’s reach and eliminate the need to have a fax machine.

Instead of competing with email, modern fax uses email instead to improve its usability in modern times.

There are many situations where the fax is still a better option for transmitting documents than adapting email technology to fax technology.


Faxing over email: When faxes are better than email

Faxing is easier than email when it comes to certain tasks

Many businesses use fax from the beginning and don’t feel the need for any changes. We don’t have to change anything if the customer base is willing to fax their documents to purchase products and services from a company.

Faxing is still a viable option for most businesses. Businesses will stick with the same options whether an email is better or not.

A few businesses also cater to people who don’t want to use technology. This brings us to the next reason.

Customers resist modern technology because they are not comfortable with it.

Some customers don’t feel the need for email and fax switching, just like businesses who do not feel the need not to change from fax to email.

In particular, the older generation is less comfortable with modern technology such as computers. They prefer traditional technology such as telephone and fax. You should also know that these older people are often the decision-makers in both businesses and households.

Businesses should be open to using fax to send and receive documents. This will ensure that people who resist modern technology are not alienated.

Industries still prefer email to fax

Some industries still use faxing to send official documents and won’t accept emails. This is particularly true for industries that are very concerned about the security of their data.

Particularly, businesses in the legal, financial, and healthcare industries still use fax daily for transactions. This is even though the government is encouraging it.

The government encourages you to fax over email

Faxing is still very popular because the government believes that faxing can be more secure than email. Although it is not explicitly stated in HIPAA most companies believe that email is more secure than faxing.

Even though the FBI CJIS standards prohibit criminal justice information from being sent via email, encryption is allowed. However, they do allow it to be sent via fax.

Fax is cheaper than encrypted email

Encrypted email is required for many industries and government institutions to accept it as a valid document transmission tool. It is not worth the cost of encryption for businesses, as it is used only to transmit sensitive documents. Faxing is also a much more affordable option.

International business is what you should do

Do not be surprised if you have to send documents via fax if you are going to transact business with foreign companies or government institutions.

Many countries, such as Japan and Germany, still rely heavily o faxing. Even though the European Union now encourages the use of electronic signatures, many prefer to print the document and apply a physical signature before sending it back via facsimile.

How to fax and email from your computer

RingCentral offers online faxing: Fax to email

Fax has become an online faxing service, which allows businesses to send and get faxes via the internet.
RingCentral, a leader in business communications, offers internet faxing capabilities in its unified communication solution.
These services allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer using your RingCentral account or through your RingCentral app. The same applies to your mobile device.
You can also send an email fax

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