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What is Email Validation? How can it help me?

Email addresses that are valid and current are essential for any business to be successful in email marketing. It is important to verify that your email address list is correct, valid, and exists if they do exist. Sometimes errors happen, and sometimes visitors make mistakes with their email addresses when they subscribe to your list. They may be in a rush to complete the “Enter Email Field” or have “fat fingers” on their mobile devices. An invalid email address can be caused by them typing two letters or misspelling their name. How can you get an unlimited number of valid email addresses? use email Validation.

What is Email Validation?

Email Validation verifies that an email address can be delivered and is valid. It quickly identifies typos and corrects them, whether they are intentional misdirects or honest mistakes. It confirms that an email address is registered with a trusted domain like Gmail or Yahoo. This is useful for organizing and cleaning out your email address list. It also protects your email sender score and maximizes the effectiveness of your email program.

What is Email Validation?

Email validation services are offered by most email service providers (ESPs). Many free tools also validate email addresses; ValidateEmailAddress, EmailValidator, and Pabbly Email Verification are a few of such examples.

First, upload your bulk email list. Email validation tools will then make some quick checks to determine whether the email addresses are valid, risky, or invalid.

Valid: This indicates that the email address is valid and error-free. This verification will continue to the mailbox level.

It is risky this indicates that the recipient is present, but other factors could indicate that it could still be a bounce.

invalid email address means that it has syntax errors, DNS errors, and/or mailbox problems.

What does email validation do?

It is a good idea to validate your emailing list before you start email marketing campaigns.

  • This increases your delivery rates by up to 98% and improves your email deliverability through the removal of invalid email addresses.
  • It helps you to maintain a high Sender Score, increasing deliverability.
  • You can save money and increase your ROI by not sending emails to unqualified users.
  • A higher conversion rate will be achieved. More emails in your inbox mean more opens, clicks, and overall better performance.

There are many ways to validate the email

1. You can enable an auto-complete option to allow customers to choose the correct email address when they are entering their email address. This eliminates mistakes caused by manual entry.

2. Use a third-party tool like Clearout and Pabbly Email Verification that can give you real-time feedback on whether an email address is correct or not.

3. Double opt-in is the best method to validate email addresses. If your customers sign up for your email list or newsletter, send them an email that requests them to validate by responding. This option is not popular with many people. It may lower your opt-in rates. However, we believe it’s better to have accurate data.

How does Pepipost verify your email addresses?

Pepipost is a Good Senders Community. This means we aim to keep spam rates low while maintaining high delivery rates for our clients. We automatically remove email addresses that are incorrectly formatted and don’t attempt to deliver them to ensure your email reputation.

To verify the validity of email messages, we use the following expression:

It is important to remember that email validation is an essential cog in email marketing success. A clean email list is essential to maintain low spam rates and maintain a good reputation for email marketing. Validate emails before you send them, as suggested previously.

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