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How to Send Electronic Visa Gift Cards?

Do you need to send a gift card quickly? You should consider electronic Visa(r), gift cards. The recipient has the same flexibility as plastic Visa gift cards and can use the value to shop online or over the phone wherever Visa is accepted. There are two major differences between virtual and plastic Visa gift cards. The gift card arrives via email, so the card number must be entered manually. Also, the Visa eGift Card can only be used online. Here are seven easy steps to help you send electronic Visa gift cards quickly and easily.

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7 Steps to Send an Electronic Gift Card

You will need to pay an activation fee for a Visa Visa gift card. However, shipping is free and delivery will take place almost immediately. This is a great way for someone to quickly get their money. These are the steps to follow.

1. Select eGifts

Select gifts from the main menu at Giftcards.com. You’ll find a wide range of gift cards, including Visa gift cards and top-selling store gift cards. Choose the digital gift card that you wish to send.

2. 2. Choose a design

Choose “Upload Your Photo” to add an image from your library or a social media account. If you’d rather add an animated greeting, then select one of the videos available. Once you’re satisfied with the selection, begin to fill in the dollar amount, recipient information, and customized message.

The image above shows the gift card I ordered recently, which includes a personal photo.

3. Choose an amount

Electronic Visa gift cards are available in any amount, from 10 to 250 USD. You can choose an amount if you aren’t sure how much to spend on the card. The activation fee for plastic Visa gift cards varies depending upon how much you load. For a breakdown of load thresholds, please see our fee schedule. Visa gift card fees are currently $5.95, regardless of the load value.

4. Add the Recipient’s Name

We will keep the recipient’s name and gift card number in our database. It is better to use the recipient’s legal (or preferred), first and last names than a nickname. Some online shopping carts may decline an egift certificate if the recipient’s name is not the same as the one on the site.

5. Enter the Recipient’s Email Address

This step is the most important in the whole ordering process. An old email address was used to send an egift card once to my brother. Although the card was not lost it was not received by my brother. He did not check his email account regularly enough to see it. Double-check that you have entered all the characters correctly and enter the most-used email address of the recipient. How to ensure an egift certificate is delivered.

6. Add a Personal Message

You can enter up to 500 characters for the gift message. This message will appear alongside your uploaded image or when the animated greeting completes. As long as it’s not too long, you can add any text you like. If this field contains inappropriate content, your order will be rejected. When all fields have been completed, click “Next Step”.

7. Revision Order

To make sure that everything is correct, take a second look at your personalized electronic Visa gift card. To confirm that everything is correct, click “Checkout” and you will see your virtual card in the shopping cart.

All you have to do now is to pay for your card. It’s as easy as that!

Your digital Visa gift card, or any other gift card, will be sent to the recipient as soon as payment clears.

Visa gift cards cannot be used over the telephone or online. You can use a gift card from merchant brands in stores if you send it. For quick payment at the checkout stand, the recipient must print the code and then access it via a smartphone. Virtual gift cards can also be used online seamlessly.

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