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Best Secure Email Services For Privacy Concerned People

by stacy

Is it possible to refer to Gmail, Outlook, YahooMail, and other email providers as “secure email services”? They are, after all, secure in the sense that your data is (usually) safe from outside adversaries when you use them. While discussing secure email services, the emphasis is placed on data security and privacy protections.

The vast majority of these free email providers snoop on your data to give you advertisements. A large number of individuals may be fine with this, but a privacy-conscious user will be less than pleased.

Perhaps you want to share something sensitive with someone and want to ensure that it is properly safeguarded. Or maybe you just want to chat about Area 51 for the sake of it. (Don’t tell anyone, but the CIA is interested in your whereabouts!) Alternatively, you may not want service providers to read your emails to give you advertisements.

Whatever happens, I’m sticking by you. The information in this article will assist you in locating the most appropriate email services for your needs if you are concerned about the privacy and security of your email conversations and want them to be as private as possible.

Note: Based on the privacy policies of these services, as well as the work they do (advocating for privacy and protecting users’ data), we have hand-picked the services to provide you with recommendations. However, we recommend that you accept the fact that nothing is and will never be completely infallible. As a result, always proceed with caution – regardless of the service.

Secure Email Services to Protect Your Privacy

Our list includes both paid and free secure email services, some of which may offer standalone programmes for many platforms (Linux will be given first consideration), while others may just offer the standard web-based email service to its users.

1. ProtonMail

Open Source Swiss-based end-to-end encrypted communication protocol
There are both free and paid choices available.
Support for a custom domain (requires premium subscription)
Message functionality that self-destructs
2FA Available
ProtonMail is a widely used email service established in Switzerland that operates on an ad-free approach to protect your privacy. It allows you to designate an expiration time for an email to self-destruct after it has been received. In addition to having all of the necessary security measures, it is open source in nature. As a result, you can check out the open-source encryption libraries or other related materials to be sure.

It is necessary to have a premium subscription to add a custom domain. Use it for free with restricted features, or upgrade to a premium subscription to get more features and functionality (and support the company behind it).

2. Tutanota

2FA that is open source and end-to-end encrypted Available
There are both free and paid choices available.
Custom domains are permitted (requires premium subscription)
There is a Whitelabel option for a company.
Tutanota is a secure email service provider that may be used for both personal and commercial communications. ProtonMail, on the other hand, only gives 500 MB of storage space for free users, whereas it provides 1 GB of storage space. Additionally, you can increase the amount of storage available on your account.

To add a custom domain, you would need to upgrade to a premium subscription. You can also choose to have the service white labelled for your company if that is something you are interested in.

Aside from that, Tutanota offers several other privacy-protecting features. A few examples of their expanding inventory include free encrypted calendars and end-to-end encrypted forms, just to name a couple.

Google is watching your search results, and you’re sick of it.
Instead, use one of these search engines.

Google tracks your search results to serve you advertisements that are relevant to your search results. One of the many ways in which Big Brother Google breaches your privacy is through the use of geolocation. With the help of these other search engines, you may get rid of Google.

Google Alternative Search Engines for Privacy-Concerned Individuals 3. Librem Mail is a free email service that allows you to send and receive messages anonymously.
Librem Mail’s most important features are as follows:

3. Librem Mail

End-to-end encryption is used.
Purism’s Librem Mail service is a component of the Librem One suite of services. It is not, however, free, unlike the others. Librem One’s premium subscription is required to gain access to their private email service, Librem Mail, which is only available to premium subscribers.

I haven’t had any experience with it. However, given the history of Purism in terms of protecting customers’ privacy, it appears to be a respectable end-to-end encrypted, ad-free email service. They are also developing the Librem 5, a secure smartphone that is based on the Linux operating system.

4. Mailbox

Cloud-based data storage is available.
It is powered by renewable energy.
Encryption from beginning to end
Mailbox is an excellent secure email service that is powered entirely by renewable energy sources. Because the data centres are located in Germany, it is a very privacy-friendly environment.

This service will cost you 1 Euro per month, and it will feature 100 MB of safe cloud storage space. The concept of having cloud storage in conjunction with your email is not new — but not all privacy-focused email providers provide this service.

In addition to that, it offers a variety of security measures to assist you in maintaining the privacy of your emails. Take a look at this!

5. Mailfence

Mailfence’s most important features are as follows:

End-to-end encryption is used.
There are both free and paid choices.
Support for custom domains is provided.
2FA Only available with a web browser (no mobile apps)
Mailfence is a respectable email service that prioritises privacy and enforces end-to-end encryption using the OpenPGP standard. The first 500 MB of storage and functions are provided for free, and you may continue to use it indefinitely. In any scenario, you will have the option to expand your membership to increase your storage space, unlock the possibility to utilise a custom domain, and so on.

The absence of mobile applications is the only drawback that can be identified in this situation. As a result, to use across various devices, you must first run a browser and sign in.

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