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ESPRESSIF Device on Network (Unknown Device Connected to Wi-Fi)

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Wireless internet connections let us use different gadgets and still have the freedom to move within a defined radius. Internet users might be interested in checking the devices that connect to their wireless access point, such as the router. There will be times when you find unauthorized devices on the network.

ESPRESSIF is a common name for devices that are not familiar to users of Wi-Fi networks. We’ll be exploring the details of ESPRESSIF device so you can get a better understanding. Also, in this article, you’ll find out if they are safe or if they put you at risk.

How do I check devices connected to my Wi-Fi?

It is recommended to periodically check your internet connection for suspicious activity. This is a great tactic to maintain security and eliminate any potential freeloaders from your internet connection.

Internet Service Providers, such as Verizon or Spectrum, offer companion apps that provide extensive control to their subscribers. These apps identify all devices on your network, and let you kick out any. The apps also allow you to block devices from your network using MAC filtering. This gives you total control.

The network administration page can also be used to access your router settings. If your ISP provides one, make sure you use the right IP address. The IP address of your router is the most popular way to get to the page. The sticker will be placed on the bottom or sides of the access points.

Then there’s a tool for recognising devices on your network in your router’s settings. Because the techniques for identifying the devices vary by provider, see your router’s handbook for the necessary steps.

Devices Connected to a NETGEAR Router

Devices connected to a NETGEAR Router

Devices Connected to a TP-Link Router

Devices connected to a TP Link Router


Chances are you’ll find an ESPRESSIF device while looking at the devices in your network. This can cause panic because it is not a common name and many people don’t know what ESPRESSIF means.

Are they malware? Fortunately, ESPRESSIF These devices are not malware and they do not pose a threat to your network.. Instead, the ESPRESSIF device that your router recognizes is a Wi Fi or Bluetooth module embedded in one of your wireless devices.

ESPRESSIF Inc. manufactures microcontrollers for various gadgets. The MCUs can be used for IoT and home automation.

ESPRESSIF, also known as 688018, has been around since 2008. However it gained popularity in 2014. ESPRESSIF devices can be identified by their MAC address or naming system. ESPRESSIF device naming typically starts with ESP_xxxx. The numbers are represented by the XXXXX. Often the numbers standing next to the ESP represent the device’s MAC address (or just a part of its MAC address).


The ESPRESSIF wireless device in your network may be a device that you haven’t yet identified. The technological advancements made possible by Wi-Fi gadgets in your home make it easy to forget the exact wireless device.

Alternativly, the ESPRESSIF could be a malicious device masquerading as an ESPRESSIF. This is a rare occurrence.

Which Devices Use ESPRESSIF-MCUs?

ESPRESSIF microcontrollers can be found in many equipment. Home devices that use an internet connection for functionality have ESPRESSIF MCUs. Devices that depend on Bluetooth connection also have the chips.

Roombas, Smart Plugs, Bluetooth Controllers, Security Systems, and many others are some examples. Some wireless connections users have even seen Chromecast Dongles named ESPRESSIF devices.

The bottom line is that the chips are common, and the chances that you’re going to find them inside at least one of your gadgets are high. They are mainly preferred by manufacturers for internet-connected devices that are cheap.

How do you know which ESPRESSIF device it is?

You have a few options to locate the ESPRESSIF devices on your network.

One method is to unplug all devices in your network and then reconnect them one-by-one. Before you reconnect your devices, make sure to restart the router. You can narrow your search by noting their names or MAC addresses when you reconnect them.

You could also change the password for your wireless network to make sure all devices are not connected. Note their names and MAC addresses when they reconnect to your network. You can identify which home device is an ESPRESSIF one by connecting it.

Not surprisingly, most ESPRESSIF products use the 2.4GHz band. To ensure a thorough search, make sure you check both wireless bands when you connect. You should always check both wireless bands if a device is not connecting.

If you’re certain that none of your home electronics employ ESPRESSIF chips, but an ESPRESSIF device is still connected to your network, you should update your router and change your Wi-Fi password. You can reset your router and run an antivirus programme to get rid of any suspected infection.

Why are ESPRESSIF MCUs so common on many gadgets?

ESPRESSIF microcontrollers have a lot of popularity because they are inexpensive. They are also versatile as they can be used on almost any device.

Their versatility is why the ESPRESSIF chips adhere to modern standards. The introduction of new series, ESP8266 through ESP32, will solve previous problems and strengthen security.

They are compatible with other wireless microcontrollers, which is a major advantage. They are secure and low-power consumption, making them an ideal component for compatible devices.

How to identify Devices using Their MAC Address

You can identify which devices are using your network by using MAC addresses, even if you don’t have the device.

Once you have found the MAC address from the attached devices list, enter it into a MAC look-up online tool such as DNS checker. This tool will give you information about the manufacturer.

Alternatively, you can use your favourite browser to search for “MAC lookup” to discover the best relevant tool. However, because MAC addresses can change, this is not a reliable solution. Users can even change their MAC addresses, which can be found on other software, on some devices.


ESPRESSIF IC did everything possible to create a microchip that was affordable and still maintained security and high performance. It is easy to see why their chips have been so popular and are built into various smart devices. So, It is not malware, nor a spy tool that aims to steal your personal data. You can breathe a sigh if the device isn’t malware..

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