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Ethernet Port in Wall Not Working

by stacy

The recent global pandemic has created new challenges for people who have to stay at home and work, learn, and entertain. Many were forced to upgrade their internet service and to find new ways to ensure that everyone has access to reliable and fast internet.

Although a high-quality WIFI router is the best choice for most, it has its limitations. Internet speeds decrease with distance and when signal must penetrate multiple walls. An ethernet cable provides a stable and fast connection.

Many people haven’t used the cables in years. They rely on Wi-Fi and it’s not uncommon to discover that their wall ethernet port has stopped working when they attempt to connect to the internet.

Is there a problem with the ethernet port in your wall? What can you do about it?

You can be positive that your internet service is working fine and that Wi-Fi is functioning properly. However, there are three components which could fail or stop the signal from reaching the port.

Unless you paid for/ordered the ethernet wiring yourself in the room, the presence of an ethernet port in the wall does not mean that it is connected to anything. Others install the wiring and connect it to the sockets. Some people connect the cables at the opposite end of the wall and leave them unattached inside their IT room. If you are renting the house or purchasing a flat with wall ports, this could be true.

It’s a smart idea to contact professionals if you don’t know anything about ethernet wiring. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn more, this is what you should know.

Obvious Wall Port Problem

It is possible for wall ports to have been installed many years ago, and then repainted or glued several times. It is possible for the port to become plugged with glue, paint or other substances that block the signal from the contact. First inspect the port visually.

Remove the wall covering and verify that glue or paint are not present in the port. This allows you to check if the port is connected to a cable, or if it is a placeholder for an upgrade.

You can clean out any glue or paint that is stuck to your port. It’s best to replace the entire port. If the port end still isn’t working, you can try the other end.

Patch Panel Issues

Every house and every building should have one. If you own a house, make sure you have the right one. It should be far from the place where internet signals enter your home.

If you live in an apartment block, it can make things more complicated. It won’t be possible to access a common patch panel that covers all floors or buildings. You will need to contact someone to fix the problem if this is the case.

Let’s pretend that the panel is located in your home and that you have easy access to it. Check to make sure the cable leading to the port is connected.

Here you may be able to find a loose wire near your patch panel. It turns out it is the one that leads to your Ethernet port. You can also find a lot of cables labeled with the following: “living room”, “study”, bedroom, etc. You may be less fortunate, and you will likely be, but you will still find a lot of cables that are not labeled to the panel.

What are you supposed do? You’ll have to spend a lot of time figuring out which cable leads to the port that isn’t working. A cable tester is a good tool to use. To determine which cable is going to your port, take one cable at a time and pull it apart. This will allow you to locate the exact cable and reveal any problems. If the lights on your cable inspector don’t turn on in a specific sequence or if some lights don’t turn on at any time, it could indicate that there is a problem with your cable or wiring.

Improper Wiring

Before you start pulling the cable off the wall, make sure that the wiring is correct. Each pair of Ethernet cables is made up of four pairs with different colors. These wires must be connected to RJ-45 connectors at both ends, following either t568 A or t568 B. It doesn’t really matter which code you use, so long as the code is the same on both ends.

You can redo the connector if you find that wires are not properly placed or loose. The port side will be the same. You’ll need to remove the wires and re-wire them if it isn’t working properly.

You can watch this Youtube video to learn how to wire RJ45 connectors.

Broken Ethernet Cable

Cables can become frail, snap or deteriorate over time. You may also have rodent infestations. If it is the cable that needs to be replaced, you should call professionals immediately. You can purchase the same or a better quality cable class if you’re unable to hire professionals.


There are several places to look if your internet port isn’t working in your wall. Check the ethernet port. If the socket hasn’t seen use in a while, it could have paint or glue getting inside and blocking the signal. You can remove the socket from the wall and inspect it for damage. You can replace the socket if paint, glue or other damage is discovered.

The second location is at end of cable leading to the wall port. The patch panel should be connected at the end of cable. If this is the case, check it out. It is possible that it is. If so, we can move on to the next hotspot: cable and wiring.

You will need specialized tools and equipment to change the port, cable or connectors. These include ethernet cable and ethernet port testers, RJ45 connectors and RJ45 crimping tools, wire strippers and punch down tools. Either T568 A RJ45 wiring codes can be followed. You can choose which one you prefer, as long as the code is followed on both ends.

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