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Have you ever signed a document with your face? Now you can!

by stacy

There are so many aspects about you that distinguish you from others! Your fingerprint, your signature, and the one-of-a-kind geometry of your face are all unique to you.

We are now supporting Face ID as a second layer of authentication to your eSignature input, thanks to the newest software update from Signeasy. It has never been easier to be you. With the introduction of this new functionality, we have also become the first eSignature solution to include biometric authentication in document audit trails, adding yet another pillar to our commitment to providing safe, secure, and legally binding digital signatures for our customers.

The introduction of Face ID is our newest venture into multi-factor authentication, making us an even more secure option, even while you’re on the go. As part of the audit trail, the audit trail will now contain information about whether Face ID was enabled on the device used to complete and sign the document, in addition to the signer’s information such as IP address, email address, and timestamp.

Doc Sign Blue 2 1 1 (Doc Sign Blue 2 1 1)

Face ID can now be used to start the Signeasy app as well as to complete the final step before signing a document as a result of this upgrade. Because of this feature, you won’t have to worry about someone else viewing crucial documents or signing new documents on your behalf if your phone is lost or if you work on a shared corporate device. Anyone else who does not have your face ID will not be able to view the papers associated with your account.

This functionality can be enabled from the Settings menu to launch the app, authenticate a document signature, or perform both at the same time. Simply flash that lovely face to authenticate, and your document will be ready to be signed and returned to you immediately.

The update will also seamlessly support the Touch ID feature on older smartphones that have this capability.

We are continually on the lookout for the next layer of protection that we can incorporate into our cutting-edge programme. We are able to reiterate our commitment to offering a secure eSignature solution on both desktop and mobile devices by maintaining an ear to the ground for improvements in the technology industry.

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