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Faxing has changed. You don’t even need a dedicated line or a fax machine to send faxes. You can instead choose to receive faxes in digital files directly on your Gmail account.

Online fax service is required to send faxes through Gmail. These services allow you to fax via email, among other things. These services connect your Gmail account to an online fax number and send faxes as PDF attachments in a matter of seconds.

Small businesses have found this method of receiving fax documents to be an excellent tool. It is faster and more cost-effective than traditional fax machines. Fax services are affordable and you can send hundreds of documents per month for a very small monthly fee.

You can also use your Gmail address for faxing, but we recommend that you create a new account just to receive faxes. Are you ready for digital faxes to begin?

1 Register with an online fax provider. We recommend that you have an online fax account if you do not yet have one. eFax You can also create an account for a trial with any other service.
2 You can choose between a local or toll-free number for faxing. This number will receive transmissions from fax machines and convert them into PDF files.
3 Enter your Gmail address You’ll use it for incoming faxes.
4 Register now Add your account details.
5 That’s it! Faxes are available to you!

You can modify the Gmail address that is associated with your fax number at any time. You can do this by going into your online fax account settings and looking for “Inbound Faxes”. Here you will be able to add the address(es), which are allowed to fax with that service.

You can also store a copy of any incoming faxes on your online fax account.


Online fax services include the ability to receive faxes. Virtual lines are silent and can transmit faxes to Gmail or your online fax account, unlike traditional phone lines which ring when you get a call.

It’s not a good use of time to constantly check our inbox for new messages. You can get notifications via:

  • Gmail Desktop & Mobile Notifications
  • Notifier Plugins
  • Mobile App
  • SMS

Gmail Notifications for Desktop & Mobile: Incoming Fax

Gmail allows you to receive notifications whenever you receive faxes directly from your browser. This is done by displaying a small window and/or sound. Gmail’s mobile application allows you to turn on notifications for your phone. These notifications let you know if your transmission went well after you send a fax to Gmail.

This method should only be used with Gmail to Fax. Do not mix common email with faxes.

How to enable desktop notifications for faxes to Gmail?

  1. Go to Settings (shown in the upper-right corner of your screen as a gear icon).
  2. You’ll find the “Desktop Notifications” option under the General tab. You have the option to receive all emails or only those that are important.
  3. Click on “Click Here to Enable Desktop Notifications for Gmail”
  4. Chrome users will have to click “Allow” on the popup window. Firefox users will need to click “Allow” on the pop-up window.
  5. Save your settings.

Now you can receive email fax alerts. To avoid missing faxes, make sure your browser is open at all times.

Gmail mobile notifications:

  1. The Gmail app can be opened
  2. Click on Menu > Settings
  3. Choose the account that you will use to receive faxes.
  4. Tap on Notifications > Inbox notifications
  5. Simply choose how you would like to be notified.

This is a simpler method to use, as we all have different smartphones and are used to receiving notifications.

Receive Alerts via a Mobile Fax App

You can send faxes to Gmail, an iPhone or Android smartphone that has an app for online fax services.

Download the mobile fax app on your smartphone and log in using your credentials. After logging in, go to the settings section and select the type of alert that you would like to receive. You can now tap on the notification message to be taken directly into the contents of a fax every time it comes in.

This option is great for those who wish to use their Gmail app for personal messages. However, not all services offer the same apps. We recommend eFax (MyFax), RingCentral, and RingCentral as some of the options. There are other standalone fax apps available, but they can only send faxes.

Receive SMS Notifications

You can choose to receive SMS text messages if you use a service without an app or don’t want to have to install an app on your phone to receive faxes.

This feature can only be accessed by logging into your online fax account. You will need to configure it via the settings page. Check the box to enable SMS alerts in the “incomingfaxes” area. Enter the cell number that will be associated with your Google Fax Service.

These are message alerts. You won’t have the ability to see incoming fax content directly from the text message. However, you will find a link to take you to the appropriate page on your fax account.

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