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How to Embed a Video in an Email (and Why You Should)

by stacy

For your sales funnel to be operational, you must first acquire new consumers. This is not as simple as flipping a switch. Even if you’ve carefully sketched out your customer’s path to action and taken into account every move, this will not guarantee high conversion rates, lower bounce rates, or sales growth in your business. If you don’t already have a relationship with someone, convincing them to take the first step can be even more challenging. However, learning how to include a video in an email and creating trust through face-to-face interaction can help to change this.

When you send an email in plain text, your recipients have a difficult time believing that you are not a piece of digital pollution aiming to clog their mailbox. Spam, bots, and other persuasive technology are examples of digital pollution because they cause people to distrust those who are behind a screen. Your human-centered approach demonstrates that you are not simply another piece of technology competing for attention or data by incorporating video in email.

Here are several tried-and-true reasons why video in email works, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to embed video in email. Face-to-face interaction fosters the trust necessary for the development of genuine connections that result in increased (and better!) business. So let’s get this party started.

Why Should You Embed Video in Email?

Engaging with video emails is a compelling approach to increase engagement, which can result in results such as click-throughs, social media shares, lead generation, and sales. Including video in an email is one of the most useful weapons you can have in your arsenal. It has the potential to increase awareness of your business while also assisting you in meeting your financial objectives.

Check out these numbers in video form to get your brain working overtime…

• Customers would prefer to learn about a product or service through video, according to 69 percent of respondents.
• Including video in an email can result in a 200-300 percent boost in the number of clicks.
The majority of users (90 percent) believe that product videos are beneficial in the decision-making process.
• Using video can create up to 66 percent more qualified leads per year than traditional methods.

There are a plethora of ways that video may help you communicate more effectively in your organization, from lead generation to testimonials and instructional. You can make use of video to…

• Create a personal connection with your audience by putting a face and a voice to a name that they recognize.
• Be able to communicate ideas simply and concisely.
• Demonstrate the empathy that is necessary for the development of trust.
Build genuine and powerful relationships since you’re interacting exactly as you would if you were in person with the other person.
• Make yourself and your recipients more approachable.

Once you’ve begun generating conversational films that allow you to connect more openly and transparently, it’s time to put them on your website or social media channels.

How to Embed a Video in an Email

Take 1: Choose a Powerful Image

Your thumbnail image is the first thing that your recipients see when they open your email. Furthermore, when you include a video in an email, your graphic should compel your recipients to click on the play button.

Some email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, allow recipients to view your video within the email client itself, whereas others do not. Instead of displaying the video itself, email providers such as Gmail and Android smartphones offer a thumbnail image as a fallback. This is why the image you choose to present is so critical to the overall success of your video production.

Choose a picture for your video, whether it’s a snapshot of the first few seconds of the video or an image or animated GIF that was specifically created for this reason. You have a plethora of alternatives, and you want to keep your visitors interested. Fill in the blanks with your personality and customization, and have fun! Afterward, you may place a play button over the static or animated graphics to direct viewers to the video content. One of the primary goals of your thumbnail image is to set the stage for the content that the user is going to see.

Take 2: Add Your Video

You’ve finally found the perfect thumbnail image to capture the attention of your target audience – now what? It’s past time to learn how to include a video in an email message. For video, you can easily include it into your website by creating a landing page or linking straight to the video hosting source. In addition, depending on the email provider you’re using, you may need to know how to attach a video to an email message.

How to Include a Video in an Email
As long as your video is less than 25 megabytes in size, you may simply click the paperclip button at the bottom of the email window, select a video, and click “Open” when you’re finished.

The Google Drive icon should be selected instead of the paperclip if your movie is more than 25 gigabytes in size. Then select your video and press the “Insert” button.

Do you want a more straightforward method of including a video in Gmail? When you use BombBomb’s Gmail Integration, you may embed video in emails that are delivered directly to your inbox. Take a look at how it works!

Instructions on how to embed video in Outlook
When you’re trying to embed a video in an Outlook email, the first step is to open the video file. Afterward, right-click on the URL and select “Copy.” After that, write an email and put your URL into the body of the email.

You can also experiment with the BombBomb Add-In for Microsoft Outlook 365. It allows you to shoot, send, and track videos immediately from your mailbox, making it a convenient tool. This page will walk you through the process step by step.

How to Incorporate a YouTube Video into an Email
If you want to include a YouTube video in an email, all you have to do is copy the video’s URL and paste it into the body of the email. When you open your email, a video player for the video will be shown in the body of the message.

To make it even easier, the BombBomb Google Chrome and BombBomb Microsoft Edge Extensions make it possible to embed a video in an email. With the help of these extensions, you may record your movies right in your browser window. Aside from that, you have full access to your complete Video Library. After you’ve recorded a video, you may use the embed code from any video in your Video Library to include it in every email you send. To find the embed code, click the three dots to the right of any video in your Video Library. This article can assist you in finding out more.

Take 3: Get Them to Click Play

You may have developed a beautiful and entertaining film, but if no one watches it, you will be unable to establish trust or form relationships.

Consequently, what are some strategies you may use to encourage your viewers to watch your video?

Consider the subject line of your email.
For your email subject line to be effective, it must encourage your receivers to open your email and click play. In fact, including the term “video” in your subject line can considerably improve the number of people who open your email message. For example, “Three reasons why you shouldn’t watch this video…” may be a good starting point.

Keep SPAM language to a minimum.
Things like “FREE!” and similar phrases. “Millions of dollars!” or “Get paid!” It is recommended to avoid using these terms and phrases since they are considered SPAM triggers.

Contribute to the success of others
Every video you send should provide something of value to the person seeing it. What is in it for them? People must take away something positive from your presentation. For example, a potential solution to a problem they may be experiencing or an answer to a question they have posed are examples of what they might receive.

Keep your video to a minimum length.
Your viewers are preoccupied. It exhibits your appreciation for their time when you keep your movies (especially the first one or two you send) to 30 seconds or less in length.

This post is for you if you’re looking for more ideas on how to create videos that people will want to watch.

Take 4: Include Text

It is possible that your recipient will not have time to view your video straight away. Text included in your email can serve as a teaser for the video’s content, without giving everything away completely. Try to keep in mind that you want them to press the play button. Additional text before and after your video can help to ensure that email providers do not automatically roll up the video or display it as a link that could be misinterpreted for spam by the recipient.

You are the one who is most familiar with your target audience. Identify the most relevant feature of the video and include a brief description of it in the body of the email. More video views will result as a result of this.

For example, “Click play to learn how Bill Smith increased his income by embedding video in his sales letters” might be a good choice. Alternatively, “As I explained in the video, here is a link to the video email marketing piece I mentioned in it.”

Take 5: Include a Call to Action

If someone watches your movie and doesn’t do anything, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to contact you to schedule an appointment? Would you like to schedule a product demonstration? Are you available to meet with me for a complimentary financial consultation? Embedded videos in emails should serve a specific purpose and encourage the recipient to take a certain action.

Make a clear and engaging call to action (CTA) for your audience. But remember to keep it to a bare minimum. The user may get confused, overwhelmed, or even worse, annoyed if they are given too many directives.

Your CTA should do the same…

• Start with an action verb to get the reader’s attention. (For example, “click,” “shop,” or “plan ahead of time.”)
• Concentrate on the benefit it delivers to the viewer.
• Create a sense of impending doom. To accomplish this, include your call to action at the beginning and end of your video.
• Create an emotional response in your audience that motivates them to complete the action.

More information on how to use the BombBomb in-video Call to Action feature may be found here.

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