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First Day of Internship Experience

60 days of summer:My internship experience at Signeasy

by stacy

To tell you the truth, I never really anticipated having the opportunity to write a blog post on this subject.

On February 22, 2017, my phone rang and alerted me to an email from the university placement committee. At the same time, this appeared on the screen.


The languid day had picked up the pace by this point. Whoa! The amount of exhilaration that I felt had increased significantly. What would it be like? Will I be able to live up to the standards that have been set? Will I grow tired of it after a while? Will I enjoy the work that I do? Will my position as an intern allow me to affect the situation in any way, even if just slightly?

In a nutshell: “What can I expect from my internship at Signeasy, which will last for two months?”


And by the time I was able to make sense of all of these inquiries, the 5th of April had already passed; this was the day that I was scheduled to begin my marketing internship with Signeasy.

When I first walked into the workplace, it was somewhere around eleven in the morning, and the first thing that went through my mind was, “Wow! So colourful!”. While I was still occupied with my wide-eyed admiration of the hustle on the office floor, I was greeted with a big smile by someone really tall and calm (that’s how Sreekandh, the Head of India Operations greets you ). While I was still occupied with my wide-eyed admiration of the hustle on the office floor, I was greeted by someone really tall and calm. I was told to wait here until my advisor arrived at the office. I expected to be given a book with catechetical instructions, but instead I found myself chatting with Sreekandh over a cup of coffee about the history of Signeasy and the things that are to come. We talked about the things that are to come. After only ten minutes of using Signeasy, I already felt at ease and like I belonged here!

My mentor, Bhupinder, arrived shortly thereafter, and after we had a little talk, he walked over to my desk and handed me a slick new laptop for myself. I sat down at my desk and immediately began reading some onboarding materials and fantastic customer evaluations. A shot was fired from the starting gun!

The subsequent one hundred and sixty days were nothing short of positively overpowering in every way. During my internship, I worked in the function of sales and marketing, where I provided assistance to the team with demand development. Because of this, I was able to keep an eye on the already established clientele and engage in regular conversation with them. During the conversation, I seem to recall Bhupinder discussing how Signeasy is having a beneficial effect on the lives of individuals and businesses all across the world. He specifically mentioned how this was happening. As part of my regular routine, which involves checking through client profiles, I was finally able to witness it myself. I was astounded by the variety of satisfied customers that Signeasy has produced, ranging from local accounting firms to internationally recognised brands in the fields of internet and technology. After reading all of the laudatory comments, I couldn’t help but wonder when the last time was that I thanked a product or service for being what it is.

The most significant thing that I have learned is how a culture that puts the client first can catapult a firm to greater heights. My other learnings and takeaways are plentiful. That right there is Marketing Fundamentals 101! As I walked in, I couldn’t help but question whether or not I would be able to have any kind of an effect in such a brief amount of time. It is incredible to see how Signeasy’s culture of taking responsibility for one’s actions and getting things done filters all the way down to the most junior intern. This not only made it possible for me to go beyond the obvious chores, but it also inspired me to start measuring the impact of everything I do. This was the first time that I was able to witness the theory that I had learned in my marketing classes actually drive genuine growth in demand and income. Not to mention the fact that it offered me the opportunity to boast about it to my social circle when I got back to school.

Snapshot taken on June 19, 2017, at 2:09:12 PM

Signeasy has been successful in assembling a remarkable team of individuals who feel an incredible amount of excitement about the work that they undertake. In retrospect, this makes me feel a little bit proud of myself for being a part of this group, despite the fact that it was just for a little period of time. I had the opportunity to talk to folks from different teams and gain a better understanding of the contributions that each of those teams makes to the organisation. It helped me shed my inhibitions of being a mere intern and helped me immerse myself in a culture that is open, encouraging, and puts everyone in the driver seat. Something that really surprised me was the opportunity to frequently interact with Sunil, the founder and CEO of the company. It allowed me to shed my inhibitions of being a mere intern and helped me shed my inhibitions of being a mere intern.

The gourmand within me also had a wonderful time! My enthusiasm for weekly lunch get-togethers and workplace outings, as well as the frequent trips I make to the office pantry to retrieve goodies, are likely to be topics of conversation among a significant number of Signeasy coworkers. That is some cool stuff, right?

In the space of about two months, I was able to form an endearing connection with the folks at Signeasy and the company. And then before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head back to the university where I was staying. It was a very overwhelming experience to finally get up and leave. I will most definitely keep in touch with the individuals who are located here. I must mention that I would wait eagerly to come back to learn and grow not only as an employee but also as a person! Thank you Signeasy for such a delightful and enriching experience!

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