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Follow Up Email Template

by stacy

Want to close more deals?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to send the right email. What should you write? It’s important to what you say.

The perfect email can make or break sales targets and relationships with prospects. There is no pressure!

Don’t be afraid, you are in the right place.

For your follow-up, we’ve created some great email templates! We’ve also categorized the email templates according to different situations you might face as a salesperson.

Continue reading to discover the perfect template for your next message and watch as deals start rolling in.

(By the by, if you are having trouble getting the first replies to your emails, these cold email templates will help. )

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Scenario 1 – They opened your initial email, but didn’t reply


Let’s suppose you sent a great email to a lead, because you know you did. They opened it and then decided not to reply.

Although it can be frustrating to feel ignored sometimes, try your best to stay positive.

Perhaps they didn’t respond to your message or they misplaced it in the shuffle. Or maybe they aren’t interested in you or your email was sent to the wrong person at the company. It’s best to follow up politely until you are certain.

You don’t have to worry, you can use this email template as a follow-up and to try to get a reply.

Elements for the message


  • Reminder about the last email to remind them of the reason for you reaching out
  • A polite request to make a quick call in order to gauge interest and understand their pain points
  • Request to speak with the right person if the person you are emailing is not the right person to talk to

Email template

Subject: Please check in with re: [quick expression that covers the contents of your last email]

Hi, [First name],

I am writing to you to confirm my email regarding [your last email].

I did not hear back from any member of your team. If you feel it is appropriate to speak further, please let me know what your calendar looks like for the next few weeks for a 5–10-minute call.

If not, to whom should I speak?

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to hearing from yours!

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