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Ten reasons your construction company needs Electronic Signatures

by stacy

The building industry today is based on more than trust — it’s based on agreement. Only expectations written in black and white may be met.

With the global construction business predicted to be worth $10.5 trillion by 2023, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

You’ll be able to make the most of every company growth opportunity with electronic signatures.

Signeasy explains why electronic signatures are important in the construction sector.

Whether you operate a home construction company, work as a contractor, or handle contracts for a global construction conglomerate, the principles of the construction industry remain the same:

Because the construction sector involves significant capital investment, it requires additional precautions than other industries. You must guarantee that your plan is watertight at all times and that you have the commitment and cooperation of all essential stakeholders.

If even one block is missing, the entire project — and your reputation – might crumble.

10 Reasons to Use Electronic Signatures in Your Construction Business

Construction electronic signatures are a simple solution for re-evaluating and sustaining your workflow process.

1. Safeguard your construction company

It’s all about having the correct paperwork in place when it comes to business development.

With just a few clicks, you can create RFIs, proposals, quotations, and purchase orders.

You can complete your Request for Information (RFI) forms digitally before submitting your bid, avoiding any potential conflicts, gaps, or ambiguities that could result in additional charges for your construction work down the road.

If you already have templates for your proposals, quotations, and purchase orders, you can upload them to your Signeasy dashboard and share them with potential clients for fast signatures.

Negotiate the pricing and make any necessary changes to the Signeasy system so you can provide an estimate or proposal right away.

Furthermore, the Signeasy system has a gentle automated reminder that sends an email to persons to ensure that they sign in a timely manner: Signeasy does the chasing so you don’t have to!

You will be alerted by email once your paperwork have been signed, allowing you to focus on delivering the goods and services.

2. Increase productivity

Reduce administrative expenditures and boost productivity!

Do you find that having your papers in order takes a lot of time?

Sending and receiving faxes, scanning and uploading documents, sending and receiving emails, filing and managing physical storage?

We guarantee that switching to Signeasy will save you time and increase your productivity.

You may discover that you no longer require administrative assistance, or that you may save a lot of time at the office handling the paperwork you used to complete yourself.

Imagine a future where everyone is in charge of their own paperwork, and it’s simple and straightforward!

If orders need to be updated or amended during the project, you won’t have to rummage through your office filing cabinet.

“Right now, we’re looking for field superintendents and construction managers who can complete customer walkthroughs, sign warranty documents, home plans, and Building Specifications, among other things.” We found DocuSign to be expensive, while Signeasy was inexpensive. Superintendents benefit from Signeasy. They mostly use it on iPad, with a handful using it on iPhone.” WMRyan Homes’ Pete Guzman

3. Conserve funds (and the trees)

Paper is not cheap.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average office worker makes 10,000 copies of paper every year, many of which will need to be signed.

Have you ever observed that you always require two copies of signed documents?

Consider your office workflow and the entire paper cycle, including delivery, storage, scanning, printing, photocopying, and disposal.

All of these small aspects of running a paper-based firm add up in terms of dollars spent.

Even electronic fax solutions, which are typically routed to traditional fax machines, only eliminate one side of the paper issue.

Going paperless is the answer. You’ll save money while also helping the environment.

10 Reasons to Use Electronic Signatures in Your Construction Business

4. Work in the construction industry while on the move

We like this one because you can sign on the go no matter where you are!

“How?” you might wonder.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can download the Signeasy mobile app to keep your dashboard with you at all times.

You can now carry a stack of contracts in your pocket or purse without hurting your back or giving yourself a headache.

10 Reasons to Use Electronic Signatures in Your Construction Business

You don’t even need to take off your hard hat: you can email signing paperwork directly on the spot!

It’s really simple to share your templates with those who need to sign on the dotted line using Signeasy’s user-friendly software.

5. Obtain signatures on construction contracts and agreements in person.

You must make it simple for customers to say yes!

Nothing irritates you more than a potential client claiming they’ll think about your quote and get back to you, only to discover days later that another company came along simply because they could get the paperwork out faster.

Even if you are offline, Signeasy allows you to self-sign and gather signatures in person.

Put yourself in your target client’s shoes.

Are you more likely to approve a quotation if

a) You are given signed bundles of paper that arrive in the mail days later, or

b) If you’re given a tablet or phone, can you sign right away with all the important details highlighted?

10 Reasons to Use Electronic Signatures in Your Construction Business

If you’re looking for new business, an electronic signature system like Signeasy is the way to go, since it provides a professional and personal touch while also reducing procrastination, which can stymie closing agreements.

6. Protect your subcontractors and employees.

Do you hire subcontractors to help you run your business?

Before your competitors do, seize the greatest available talent.

You may quickly agree on the terms and conditions of any project by conveniently electronically sharing all of the necessary contracts and timesheets.

Do you need to hire new employees for your company? Send HR documentation and policies to acquire a signature in a matter of minutes. It’s clear if you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a zero-hours contract.

7. Increase purchasing power

Create digital purchase orders that only demand electronic signatures if you have frequent vendors from whom you must purchase building materials. This will develop a quick ordering mechanism that will assist you fulfil any tight deadlines.

10 Reasons to Use Electronic Signatures in Your Construction Business

8. Provide worldwide construction solutions

Apart from the need to post and fax contracts all over the world, Signeasy may help your construction company compete globally, as it is presently accessible in 18 languages (see the list here).

Signeasy delivers whether you need a Si, Yes, Ja, Haan, or Oui.

9. Contract storage that is secure

Signeasy makes it simple to manage, view, and store all of your documents in one single spot – and in real time.

View the current status of each document. Store your signed documents in the Signeasy dashboard and change the access privileges for who they need to be shared with inside the company, or send them to key people.

Download papers and save them to your own cloud-based filing system.

If you utilise a cloud-based storage solution like Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, Signeasy is perfect for you because it seamlessly interacts with a variety of third parties.

10.Ensure secrecy

You might be thinking, “Well, that all sounds wonderful, but what about privacy?”

Signeasy is as secure as, if not more secure than, collecting and storing paper-signed documents. Why? SSL encryption is used to send all of your documents.

Your papers cannot be seen by anybody except the intended receivers or those who have been given express access to the Signeasy dashboard, whether they are in motion or merely being saved. The Signeasy crew is included in this.

Signeasy allows you to collect legally binding electronic signatures. Every signature gathered contains information on the IP address from which it was taken, the timestamp of when the signature was collected, and the signee’s valid email address. Is that correct?

While most signatures take many days to collect, you can do so in a matter of hours, or even minutes if you collect them in person.

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