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Fortnite Fall Guys Crossover Event Rumors

by Merlin s

Unconfirmed reports suggest Epic Games’ Fortnite might be joined by Mediatonics’ similarly popular Fall Guys, Ultimate Knockout for a cross-promotional event.

There are a few commonalities between Fortnite by Epic Games, and Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout from Mediatonic. Both games share a passion for silly clothes and cross-dressing costumes, competitive multiplayer, vibrant colors, and a love for colorful graphics.

Despite the differences in gameplay, the visual aesthetics seem to be compatible enough to be combined in one game or series. This potential could soon be realized, as several Fortnite-themed cosmetics will be available in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout very soon.


Data miners recently discovered several files that were related to cosmetic crossovers. The leak was shared by the account on Twitter FNLeaksAndInfo. Some files were first discovered in February, when speculations about a Fortnite/Fall Guys crossover began to circulate. Although the developers had initially deleted the data in the early part of this year, the latest breach shows that they were re-added. Dataminers also discovered additional files that contained information about Fortnite-inspired cosmetics.

According to the leak, users can dress their Fall Guys with five Fortnite-inspired outfits using the cosmetics. There are skins for Peely, Bunny Brawler and Ripley. These skins are all well-known in Fortnite’s world. The leak also features five new nameplates, including “LootLlama”, “Victory Backboard,”,” Blueprint,” “Cuddle Team Leader,” “Blueprint,” and “Cuddle Team Leader,” along with “Slurp” and “LootLlama” on their backs. All these items are familiar from Epic’s battle royale video game Fortnite.

Players should be cautious when handling leaks. However, this leak indicates that Epic Games and Mediatonic are interested in creating a crossover between Fortnite & Fall Guys. It is also possible that the Fall Guys have collaborated in the past with other properties. Sonic the Hedgehog. Super Monkey Ball. Portal, Doom. Nier: Automata. And a whole lot more. gamesThis category includes fall. Fall Guys is expected to soon receive Halo-themed content.

It is unknown when and if Fortnite will cross over. Season 5 of Fall Guys is currently airing, entitled “Jungle Adventure,” and Mediatonic could have plans to launch the new skins in the season. You can also wait for a big industry event like EGX, March, or use the crossover to bridge between Season 5 & 6. The crossover could also take place during Fortnite’s Fall Guys-themed content.

Mediatonic or Epic Games have not yet made any formal announcements. The crossover could also be canceled. It is possible that the crossover will never happen. Developers have already removed much of the leaked information and inserted it again. The code was not included in the crossover, as it was not anticipated that this would happen soon.


Fall GuysUltimate Knockout can be downloaded now for PC and PlayStation 4 with Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions due to release later in the year. Ultimate Knockout is rated as E for Everyone, Fall Guys.

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