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9 Best Free Business Email Accounts for Business in 2021


Many people use email accounts that are free and do not have a custom domain name. This does not look professional. For example harry.potter@gmail.com or Harry.s@yahoo.com. A business email is a great way to communicate with clients. You can check your order status, shipping updates, back-in-stock notification, and other details via email. You can also manage your order status and shipping updates, back-in-stock notification, etc. via email.

1) Gmail

Gmail is an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly emailing app with over 2 billion users around the world. Smart replies and a secure email experience are provided by GSuite. Gmail offers advanced spell-checking and grammar features. You can access Gmail offline using the Google Chrome browser.


  •  This software allows you to communicate with others via Google Meet and Chat.
  •  This email address is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.
  •  It gives you nudges to help you follow up on messages and respond.
  •  Gmail automatically blocks phishing email messages
  •  You can view attachments and snooze messages.


2)  Proton Mail  

ProtonMail offers open-source, secure email services for businesses. It is easy-to-use and secure, with end-to-end encryption.



  •  Swiss privacy laws protect this free email address for businesses.
  •  You can access the app through your web browser, as well as via Android and iOS apps.
  •  You can send and get confidential emails.
  •  It is a great email service for businesses and supports PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).
  •  ProtonMail allows you to manage your organization easily via the admin console.
  •  To create a secure email account for your business, you don’t need to provide any personal information.
  •  ProtonMail can help you organize, read, and send emails more efficiently.


3)  Bluehost  

Bluehost offers a professional email service provider for businesses. It is simple to use. You can customize your mail with less effort. This web application integrates video and shared documents.



  •  It is one of the most popular email accounts, and you can access your email on any device from anywhere.
  •  It provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
  •  Bluehost offers expert support 24 hours a day
  •  This software allows you to work with others via Microsoft Teams.
  •  It updates automatically the application.


4)  Yahoo Mail  

Yahoo Mail allows you to sign up for business email services easily. This allows you to manage multiple employees online. It uses SSL encryption to protect your data.



  •  You can add or change aliases, mailboxes, reset passwords, and transfer mailboxes.
  •  Yahoo Mail lets you personalize your inbox with themes.
  •  Searches for work email can be done by keyword, date, or contact.
  •  Yahoo Mail Mobile App makes it simple to manage your email while on the move.
  •  Yahoo Mail blocks over 15 billion spam messages


5)  Zoho Mail  

Zoho mail provides secure email hosting for your business. You can set up your own email address quickly and easily. The control panel allows you to add users and group aliases to the software, as well as set up policies to moderate email content for business purposes.



  •  To manage your sales, you can integrate with Zoho CRM.
  •  It is part of the e-Discovery process, which helps you quickly find emails.
  •  This application protects against fraudulent emails.
  •  You can add comments, file shares, manage tasks, and much more.
  •  Zoho allows you to read your emails on your mobile device.

6)  Outlook  

Outlook offers a business email service that includes Exchange Server and Exchange Online. You can access your email, shared calendars, and contacts from anywhere.



  •  It protects your confidential data.
  •  Outlook warns Bcc when the email is blind copied
  •  This software can be used to remind you of important dates.
  •  It makes it easy to quickly find the information you need.
  •  Outlook provides keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to access the program.
  •  It lets you create rules that organize and prioritize emails.
  •  Outlook comes with a built-in calendar that allows you to manage and schedule meetings.
  •  When you hover over the name, you can view contact information.
  •  It allows you to quickly find people and send messages or documents via email.


7)  Namecheap  

Namecheap offers secure, fast email hosting for personal and business purposes. This allows you to easily collaborate with others. You can manage multiple email accounts from one place with this mail hosting provider.



  •  Offers HTML signature
  •  You will be protected from spam.
  •  Support for IMAP, SMTP and POP3.
  •  Compatible with Windows, Apple, and Android devices

8)  FastMail

FastMail allows you to obtain an email address that matches your business website. You can create multiple aliases for different mails. You can send and read all mails created by this software from one place.



  •  The support team can assist you.
  •  You can have up to 100 domains.  
  •  This software allows you to share contacts, email folders, calendars, and other information.
  •  It protects sensitive business information that is in the mail.
  •  Fastmail can be accessed via your browser on mobile or desktop.
  •  Fastmail makes it easy to manage your email.


9)  Godaddy  

Godady offers a webmail platform that is modern and provides ad-free email. It offers data security and spam filtering. You can preview attached files with this application.



  •  This app allows you to set up appointments, receive reminders, and invite others on all your devices.
  •  It provides email addresses that match your domain.
  •  Godaddy stores emails in a secure database.
  •  The software has a mobile-friendly interface.
  •  You can restore emails that have been accidentally deleted with one click.
  •  Godaddy business email can be used with any email program of your choice.

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