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Deliver an even better candidate experience with Signeasy for Freshteam

by stacy

The tone that is set for new and potential employees is determined by the candidate experience that you provide. A survey conducted by Brandon Hall Group discovered that businesses who provide a positive onboarding experience are able to increase their retention rate among new workers by as much as 82 percent. This is in addition to the fact that it can work wonders for your employer brand.

Streamlining your onboarding process can be one of the most effective strategies for reaching that goal. A recent study conducted by Microsoft found that ninety-three percent of millennials, when it comes time to choose an employment, look for technological developments in the workplace.

With this connection, you will be able to use all of Signeasy’s features from within the Freshteam platform. This will allow you to take all of your HR and onboarding paperwork online, which will result in a more simplified and lightning-fast experience. Leading firms who are interested in accomplishing end-to-end remote recruiting will be delighted with this new integration.

Implement full-scale digitalization of your HR procedures.
It’s the ultimate helping hand: first, Freshteam will share applicants with your hiring team that have been sourced from multiple channels. Signeasy then allows you to extend your offer letter if you have found the candidate that is the best fit. They won’t even have to make an account for themselves; all they have to do is eSign the offer, and they’ll be recruited immediately!

The next step is to get the onboarding process started. On the first day of a new hire’s employment, this procedure is traditionally carried out in a boardroom; however, you may now free up that time so that the new employee can get to know the team and get settled in.

Using the integration that Signeasy has developed for Freshteam, you are able to obtain signed copies of any and all required forms, compliance documents, and NDAs in a matter of minutes after sending them out for signature. You may simply use the integration to send a reminder to a candidate to sign their paper if they are moving a little more slowly than expected. Then, instead of printing the documents and storing them in physical form, you can use Freshteam to preserve them all in a centralised area. Look at it working in this example.

Why use Signeasy’s Integration for Freshteam?

Aside from the fact that installing Signeasy’s integration for Freshteam will add significant features to a platform that you are already familiar with and adore, there are a few other excellent reasons to do so.

– An improved experience for both employees and candidates When printing and scanning are removed from the equation and replaced with straightforward digital workflows that include touchless contracts, everything functions more efficiently.

– Eliminate the talent gap in a more expedient manner: With electronic signatures, you can close the deal with fresh talent as soon as you find a great fit, and you can attract top prospects by showcasing your technology edge.

– Completely safe and secure remote employment: Signeasy facilitates legally sound electronic signatures and an audit trail that is specific to each document, allowing for successful remote onboarding of new employees.

Do you want to modernise your document workflows by bringing them into the digital age? For a limited time only, we are providing customers of Freshteam with a discount on Signeasy equal to forty percent of the regular price!

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