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How to set up G Suite for Work email for your domain

It is a great way to simplify communication. Using an email address @ your domain name will make your contact information appear more professional than @comcast.net and other generic addresses. G Suite allows you to use your domain name and Gmail to provide a great user experience. You can also use custom email addresses. You only pay for the number of users you require. See Google’s pricing.

To create your Google Apps account, fill out the sign-up form at the G Suite website.

a. Click Next to enter the relevant “About me” information.

b. Choose whether you:

1) You plan to use a domain you have already bought or

2) Buy a new domain from Google.

*If you have an existing domain name, type your domain then click Next.

c. Complete the ” Register for G Suite” form. Enter your username and password in this form to log in to all of your G Suite products. Later, you will be able to add users/email addresses to your colleagues. After you are done, click ” Accept” and sign up.

2. Verify your domain

A. Go to admin.google.com and Log in to your new Admin Console with the username and password that you have just created.

b. After logging in, click ” START SETUP “. Next, click ” Verify DOMAIN“.

c. There are many ways to verify your domain ownership. We recommend adding a meta tag to verify your domain’s ownership if your eCatholic website has been LIVE. Copy the meta tag value provided by Google.

d. Next, open a new browser tab, navigate to your eCatholic site, and log in as an administrator. Click on the Administration tab > Settings>> Google and copy the meta tag from Google into the “Domain Verification-Meta Tag Code” field. Make sure you click ” Save/Publish at the bottom of your screen.

e. Go back to Google Admin Console and check the box “I have included the meta tag to this homepage.” Next, click ” Verify“.

* Please note that the option to verify your domain ownership by adding meta tags will only work if your Sheenomo or eCatholic website is currently LIVE at your domain. To verify domain ownership, we recommend adding a TXT file to your DNS if your eCatholic and Sheenomo websites are not currently online.

When you sign up, Google automatically places you on a free 30-day trial. To continue using Google for your email service, log in to your Admin Console. Click the Setup Billingbutton to the right.

4. Add users and switch

a. This Google article will show you how to add users to your account. After your users have been added, they will be able log in to their Gmail accounts.

b. When you are ready to switch, click the Setup Gmailbutton in the top right corner of your Admin Console. Follow the instructions. This will make your new email live and allow messages to flow into your Gmail inboxes. Give us a call if you need assistance with this step. If you need assistance with making changes to your new email, the G Suite Administrator help center can be a great resource.

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