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This just in: Signeasy ranks #1 on G2’s Momentum grid

by stacy

It’s time to clear some space in our trophy case so that we can add a few more trophies! As a resource for the business world, G2 Crowd is well-known and relied upon. The website serves as a central hub for software rankings and reviews written by verified users. It is currently home to more than one million genuine reviews contributed by users from all over the world!

Since G2 always has their finger on the pulse of popular opinion, they are also in the business of handing out awards and creating their own rankings based on the information that is submitted by reviewers. This business aspect of G2’s operation. This year, Signeasy achieved a high ranking on a total of five different rating grids; however, we are particularly pleased with our position as the number one Momentum leader on G2’s overall eSignature grid.

The term “momentum” is used by G2 to refer to a measurement that takes into account “changes in the product’s web presence, social media presence, employee count, as well as the increase in the number of reviews on G2, over the past 12 months.” Because Signeasy is currently in first place, it indicates that the company is making significant headway in the market, and people are beginning to take notice.

In addition to that, we secured the following designations:

status as the category leader for electronic signatures for small businesses
status as the market leader across the board for electronic signatures
in the eSignature for Enterprise category, high performer status has been achieved.
Exceptional status as a top performer in the eSignature for Mid Market category
This is not the first time that G2 has shown its appreciation for our work; back in August, the website ranked Signeasy consistently among the best eSignature providers overall, and it excelled especially well in the category that was devoted to customer satisfaction. On the G2 website, Signeasy currently has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, with just over 500 reviews.

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