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Paperwork on the go – the Pitango and Signeasy story

by stacy

For more than two decades, Pitango Venture Capital has been investing in disruptive ideas in Israel’s startup environment, making it one of the most active investment firms in the country. The firm, which has more than $2 billion under management, has made investments in a varied range of firms, including AppsFlyer, Taboola, and others.

A global presence means that the leadership team of Pitango is almost always on the road, travelling to different parts of the world. It has always been a significant component of their day-to-day operations as an investment firm to manage and handle paperwork in order to conduct business. Completing paperwork, on the other hand, proved to be a significant issue when on the road.

CFOs Zeev Binman and Y. Gillat were motivated to create a solution that would improve the efficiency of their daily document operations because they were faced with a difficult task. Signeasy provided a straightforward and practical method of not just making paperwork more efficient, but also more convenient. Binman was immediately impressed by the app’s user-friendly interface (UX). In general, he remarked, “I despise most apps – I don’t like to utilise anything that is overly difficult.” “However, this one is my favourite because it is so effortless.”

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The average CXO deals with a significant number of documents every day, a process that requires the signature of several different stakeholders to be successful. Each of these documents was previously printed and signed before being couriered or faxed to the next stakeholder. In this manner, the paper was completed till the end of the cycle.

This system was difficult to use, especially when travelling, and it was not scalable. Binman, for example, would frequently spend hours at the hotel’s business centre, completing his administrative tasks.

He was able to sign documents from any location in the world using Signeasy – all he required was a mobile device. It was now feasible to complete paperwork in minutes, regardless of time zone or geographical location!

Finally, the security features provided by Signeasy allowed Binman and Gillat to feel more confidence about the entire e-signing process. Having this level of confidence was essential, considering that a significant percentage of the financial paperwork handled by the firm was of a sensitive nature. The Pitango team is now able to move quickly and efficiently through their document workflows thanks to Signeasy!

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