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by stacy

Create email templates

Tired of typing the same reply every time someone sends you an email with a common question? Compose your reply once and save the email as a template. Later, you can open the template and send it again with just a few clicks.

Note: Email templates are available only in Gmail on the web. Templates aren’t available in Gmail mobile apps.

Enable templates

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Click Settings to see all settings.
  3. Click Advanced at the top.
  4. Select Enable from the Templates Section.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom.

Modify or create templates 

Notice: You can create up 50 templates.

  1. Click Compose to open Gmail.
  2. Enter your template text in the Compose window.
  3. Click More and then Templates.
  4. Select an option
    • Click Save draft to create a new template.
    • To modify a previously saved template click Save draft. Under Overwrite, select a template and then click Save to save it.
  5. Optional: To send an email, type your message and then click Send.

Insert templates

  1. Click Compose to open Gmail.
  2. Click More
  3. You can insert a template by clicking Insert template. Choose a saved template that you want to insert into your email.
  4. Complete the remainder of your message, and then click Send.

Delete templates

Click Compose to open Gmail.

  1. Click More
    HTML3_ Template.
  2. Click Delete template to delete a template. Next, select the template that you wish to delete and then click Delete.

Send an email automatically with templates

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Click the Down arrow in the search box.
  3. Enter your search criteria. To verify that your search was successful, click Search to see the results.
  4. Click Create filter at the bottom of your search window.
  5. You can choose what filter you want.
  6. Click To create a filter.

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