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How to Set up an Email Signature in GoDaddy Webmail

An email signature can be set up for your GoDaddy webmail account. It will appear at the bottom of every email that you send. This is a way to share inspirational quotes, market your company, and provide contact information.

Signing makes email life easier

In GoDaddy webmail, you can have a standard text signature–containing a link to your website, a social networking profile, or your address–appended to all your messages. You only need to set up your email signature once, or twice if you are using GoDaddy Classic webmail. You can then add it to any replies or new emails that you send, or have GoDaddy Webmail add it automatically.

Create an email signature in GoDaddy Webmail

To create an email signature to use with GoDaddy Webmail:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy email account.
  2. Click hereEmailTab and select settings.
  3. choose more settings from the menu that appears.
  4. Visit theGeneralTab.
  5. below email signature,SelectIn reply, include signature
  6. In the box below, enter the signature textSignatureField.
  7. To add text styles to your signature, use the formatting toolbar.
  8. You can also instruct GoDaddy webmail not to insert your signature in any new email you send by checkingInsert the signature automatically in compose window.
  9. ClickOK.

Add an image to your signature

While you are in the email signature settings windows, you have the option to add an image such as a logo to your email signature.

  1. ClickInsert ImageIn the email signature settings window.
  2. ClickBrowseSelect the image from your computer. It should not exceed 1MB.
  3. ClickInsert>OK.
  4. BelowSignatureClick the button insert ImageClick icon to save the image to your signature

You can also use GoDaddy webmail to link to your Twitter account or Facebook account. Simply click on the appropriate icon to enter the required information.

Create an email signature in GoDaddy Webmail Classic

Email signatures can be stored separately in GoDaddy Classic webmail and GoDaddy Webmail. You can create an email signature to use in GoDaddy Classic Webmail.

  1. ChooseSettings>Personal Settings.
  2. ClickSignature.
  3. Below, enter the email signature you desireSignature.
  4. Check this link to have GoDaddy automatically insert your signature in any new messages or replies. Insert the signature automatically in compose window.
  5. ClickOK.

When you create a new email or reply to an existing one in GoDaddy webmail, you can also manually type your signature.

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