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Google Email Sign Up

by stacy

Gmail Account

Create a Google Account to sign up for Gmail. To sign in to Gmail, you can use your username and password.

Register for a Gmail Account

  1. Go to the Google Account creation page.
  2. To set up an account, follow the steps shown on the screen.
  3. Sign in to Gmail using the account you have created.

Create an account

The username that I would like is already taken

If the username you have requested is:

  • Already being used.
  • Very similar to an existing username (for instance, examp1e@gmail.com is not allowed if example@gmail.com exists).
  • It is the same as a username someone has used in the past but then deleted.
  • Google reserves the right to block spam and abuse.

Someone is trying to impersonate me

You can sue someone if they have created a Gmail account to attempt to impersonate you.

  • File a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  • Contact the Office of Consumer Protection in your state.

Gmail cannot participate in mediations that involve third parties about impersonation. Learn more about Gmail Terms of Use.

Use Gmail for your business

A Google Workspace account is better than a personal Google Account if you plan to use Gmail in your business. Google Workspace is $6 per user per month and includes the following:

  • Gmail account that is professional and ad-free. It can be used with your company’s domain, such as susan@example.com.
  • You have ownership of employee accounts. This allows you to be in complete control of the company’s files, emails, and accounts.
  • Chat support, phone, and email support are available 24/7 from a real person
  • Storage for Google Drive and Gmail has been increased.
  • Mobile device management allows you to protect your data, including the ability to remotely wipe out devices.
  • Administrative and security controls.

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