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Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Blue: Why and How to fix it?

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Google Fiber Network Box, a networking device that acts as a router and provides Internet access to your home network, is the Google Fiber Network Box. There are two options for connecting other devices: a Wi Fi connection or a network cable.

You should connect the Network box with the Fiber jack by using an Ethernet cable. Normal operation will see the network box glowing a solid blue color. It should then turn on approximately 2 minutes later.

Why is the Google Fiber Network Box blinking blue?

Google Fiber Network Box blinking blue

When establishing a connection, the Network Box will flash a blue light. It should then turn solid blue within 1-2 minutes. If it doesn’t stop flashing, it means there’s a problem with the connection, and there are a few things you can do to fix it.

How to fix the Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Blue

Take a look at the connections

There have been instances where the connections have been improperly connected, resulting in the blue blinking light issue. To be sure this isn’t the issue, inspect all wires for visible damage and make sure they’re attached to the correct port. You should make sure that the fiber jack is attached to the WAN port, not one of the Ethernet ports. The port is often called Fiber Jack.

Restart the Network Box

This simple fix usually resolves the problem quickly and can be used on any electronic device.

You will need to disconnect the Network box from the power supply in order to properly restart it. After about 10-15 seconds, reconnect it again. After the Led lights stabilize, wait a while to check if the blue light is still on. After 2 minutes of being turned on, the blue light should become solid blue.

You can check if you are affected by Service outages

Your ISP may need to perform scheduled maintenance from time to time. This is when your area could be affected by a Service interruption. It can also occur during an outage of power or severe weather.

You have two options. You can visit the Fiber Outage Search pageSign in to your Google Fiber account.

the Fiber Outage Search page

Click the link above to check the Fiber Outage Search page. You will need to enter your street address as well as your ZIP code. You can check if there has been a service interruption in your area by clicking the Check Status link.

You will also see a message at page’s top when you sign in to Google Fiber. This tells you if you have a problem with your connection or network. You will only need the email address and password that you used to sign-up for Google fiber services.

Wait a while until you get the problem fixed if you are affected. There are no other options. The blue light should stop blinking after the problem has been resolved.

Use the Network Troubleshooter

Sometimes, the problem persists and you don’t receive any notifications about a service interruption in your area. If that happens, you can use the Network Troubleshooter.

The Network Troubleshooter will assist you in troubleshooting your problem by asking a series of questions. This is done to help determine the root cause and offer the most appropriate solution. If it does not give a remedy to the problem, you should contact Google Fiber Support.

Contact Google Fiber support

If you’ve tried everything to resolve the issue yourself, or if nothing works, get in touch with us. Google Fiber support. You can reach them via live chat, email, or telephone. They may send a professional to check and fix the problem on site if these three contact options aren’t enough to resolve the problem.

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